PvE Conflict Servers

Sorry if I missed something, but last I read there were going to be PvE - Conflict servers. Are all PvE servers set up like this or were they decided against?

NVM. They are the PvP-F servers. I thought that maybe it was decided to not have conflict servers and put in pvp-f at the last second, haha. Thanks

PvP-F no longer exists and the label was a bug - all the servers labelled PvP-F were actually PvE Conflict servers. However, today we are switching Conflict into regular PvP. PvP servers do have 2x Harvesting, on that note.

Yes, this is stupid. So now I have to restart, IF I can find a free spot on PVE and if I really can be bothered.
Oh well, I’ll give it some thought…

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