We’re bringing back pve conflict servers

Hello everyone!

It’s been a very hectic but also very exciting few days for us here at Funcom and I’m sure for all of you playing as well! It’s amazing seeing so many people joining us after launch, but all this interest has also created some challenges we’ve had to work through.

First, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us during our journey from Early Access to launch. Your support, your interest and your excitement for Conan Exiles is greatly appreciated by everyone on the team.

During the first day of launch, the sheer amount of demand for official servers compared to demand for private servers exceeded our expectations and we reacted as fast as we could to find solutions. Since then we have almost doubled the total number of servers and we are working with our hosting partner to bring up even more servers as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s been impossible for us to bring up new servers fast enough to meet the overwhelming demand, and that led us to the decision to revert the less populated PvE Conflict servers (which are PvE with PvP window and non-destructible buildings) into full PvP servers where the demand was significantly higher. We knew it wasn’t an optimal solution, but it felt like the right decision at that moment to meet the demand for more PvP servers. We were in a situation where we were unable to add new, fresh servers fast enough, and we had to make a tough decision.

Since we made this change we have received a massive amount of feedback from players. Your passionate reaction made it very clear that there is significant interest in servers with the PvE Conflict ruleset and we have been looking for solutions to bring them back.

In addition to introducing more PvE and PvP servers (which are still in highest demand), we will be bringing up new and fresh PvE Conflict servers. We decided to set up new ones to avoid disrupting the existing servers again. We will start with bringing these up in Europe, East and West Coast US, and Russia, and you can expect them to be live before this weekend.
We will also be adding PvE Conflict severs in other territories based on demand and as soon as we are able to.
Finally, we just want to say that we truly appreciate all the feedback we have received since yesterday. Our community team has been working very hard going through all your comments and passing them on to the rest of the team. Thank you for your patience and thank you for voicing your concerns and giving us the opportunity to set things right.

  • The Funcom Team

FOUR US East PvP Servers since Launch…

Since I can’t play mostly until 7:30PM EST Launch Day has still not arrived yet. Can’t play when servers are capped.
I should be able to log on after real life stuff is done and get onto the Server I chose and play.

We need LOTS of US East PvP Servers PLEASE. Thank you :slight_smile:


Please start a conflict server for SA soon too


Everyone is getting new servers but xbox. Please dont leave us out. We got 4 new servers. Ps4 and pc got over 20…

Will the old pve conflict servers come back? Or is it fresh wiped ones? Great move, and thanks.

We need more East American pvp server, i can’t agree more :frowning:

Tahnks for listening us, any ETA for revert ?

You need to look at the Time Zones please. Also, there are far more PC players atm than Consoles so it makes sense to add more PC Servers.
I am sure they will work on both but Time Zones are key.

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It’s wasn’t a tough decision it was a stupid decision ! people didn’t pick pve c rule set because no pvp server were available they did it to play that rule set. Just say you made a huge error and not try to justify it because of your p.p.p. (PissPoorPlanning)


Thank you very much for the good news. glad to see them coming back. Although i wish you just revert the servers back so i don’t loose all my progress but i guess its better than nothing.

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Im going based off the thread before this which states the new servers added. That only shows 4. Xbox pvp american servers got 4 extra one but we didn’t really since the 4 we got were converted conflict servers which were already full.i know you guys are trying. Just want to be able to play.

And did i read this right, were getting all old PVE-C servers reverted ?

I started on release day which was 2 days ago and still can’t play on the server I chose when I get on in the evening. It’s always full. On PC East Coast US PvP.
And they are reverting the Conflict back to Conflict.

I’m referring to PvP Servers which are in higher demand AND on PC.

So we both are waiting until they fix it all.

we will be also be bringing up new and fresh PvE Conflict servers.

So the ones we have now will remain PvP only. Any time and effort spent on the original ones will be lost.


Please add at least one PVE-C in SA, we don’t have enought servers, and 3 out of the total 6 are not working, we are gamers and deserve it too…

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Yipeee PVE conflict is back awesome…Dont forget OCEANIA …Aussie and Kiwi’s waiting…take your time and hurry up. Thanks DEV and Funcom


So the original pve conflict servers are staying pvp and you’re releasing fresh pve-c servers? That’s pretty stupid. Hope you clowns learned your lesson.

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Thanks for listening. We all make mistakes and what matters most is our response to them. Will change my Steam review back to positive. Would you be willing to announce when that happens so we can plan again?


With you there. Played on a official server. Can no longer get in because of que. Can’t rent a server because of gportal and xbox issue. So stuck with 18 servers and can’t even use 1 :confused: