PvE Conflict issues

So I have returned to Conan Exiles. Excited and just ready to jump in with the new content i have never seen. I join a Conflict server because i love the idea of just battling people and watching an empire flourish. But as i seamlessly run around I notice there only two groups who own every square inch due to structures not being aloud to be demolished by other players. Its ridiculous. Me and my group of people have no space to build or flourish. I don’t understand why people have to troll the lands. Why not leave it open. Its not as if you are needing it all when there are only 8 people in a server. I get they may have done it when it was a huge deal, and severs were new. But come on. FIX THIS! IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO ENJOY A CONFLICT SERVER IF I HAVE NO WHERE TO BUILD! It makes it boring quick. No matter where i venture it is a cluster of building, bridges, covered caves and slaves.


Find another emptier server :woman_shrugging:

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They are all like that on official. There are only like 10 official conflicts. 3 EU, and 7 Americas. I dont want different options and moderators with love for certain clans. I want an official and they make it hard.

Take fotos/video on the build and report to funcome and whit the new rules they will tacke action.

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I will try that. Where do you go to send pictures of it?

Please read the following for instructions.

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