Good move Funcom

I was going to buy the game yesterday but then read about your decision to do away with the hybrid servers. Playing survival games cant be a 24/7 job for me and the pve-conflict servers were exactly what I was looking for. Because of the change i decided not to buy the game.

Your reversal on this decision made me very happy and a couple hours ago I bought the game and am looking forward to what I hope are many many hours of entertainment.

Thanks FUNCOM!

I played AO for a couple years from launch through Shadowlands. If Conan exiles gives me half of what it did then I’ll be very happy.


And your point is?

I don’t think you read past the first sentence… but hey have fun :laughing::grinning:

Lol I just saw that lmao sorry, kinda tired of reading long texts

Apparently, I too am too tired to read properly.

They are returning those servers.

They are already up and there is a list in the community pages in Steam.

Yeppers, saw the devs tweet about it and was lucky enough to get on a server and play. Having a good time learning it but am completely lost. You just got to love the first few days of a game. :dizzy_face:

Now if they would only do the same for ps4. These pve conflict servers don’t show up there tho :neutral_face:

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