My thoughts on Conan Exiles... *

I played it several times in early access and have enjoyed it. It’s an interesting setting and the creativity in the base building can be amazing.

With that… some thoughts for the folks at Funcom. All PC related

  1. Do something about the server selection screen.

It’s irksome that you can’t tab through the areas, hit enter to select, or double click. Apparently you can use the arrow keys to move around but that only seems to take me to the “back” button.

  1. Add a queue for full servers

Granted, it likely won’t be terribly necessary in a few weeks but it would be nice.

  1. Increase the size on Official Servers

It’s odd that unofficial servers can go as high as 70 w/ G-Portal yet the Official Servers top out at 40. It’s a huge map, it will hold 70 people.

  1. Add the ability to file a bug report from with-in the game

Why isn’t this a pro-forma thing in games?

  1. Add a way to force a client redraw

When things don’t show the only way I’ve seen to make them appear is to run past your max view distance or re-log.

  1. Maybe add some basic wood base building sections

That’s just me, building with wood might add some aesthetic appeal to some folks in the early game.

Probably more late…

*Not that you asked


On the up side, the animals are reproducing at an alarming rate again. Assuming you get to play, you can witness the event for yourself.

Assuming you can log on

been in que for 4 of the 5 hrs I’ve been off work today

Bah,never expected them to have less servers now than they did during early access!

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I hadn’t noticed that… That’s kinda dumb.

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