Changing PvE conflict servers to PvP

EDIT 2: Since the PvE conflict servers have been brought back, I’ll condense the OP, as the situation has been brought to at least some kind of a resolution.


Right now I’m super pissed off. I just spent the better part of two days finding a great place on the PvE conflict server I was playing on to build a base in, and to set myself up so that I can enjoy the PvE part of the game, build something nice, experience the Purge, and then also have some PvP fun during prime time. First I wasted some eight hours or so because my build got blocked, but then I did find a great spot and we were having so much fun with a buddy of mine.

Then, suddenly, the server switches to PvP, with x2 gather. All my crafting stations are out in the open, because there was no worries about people stealing anything - now I get to choose to either relocate everything or risk being robbed. Not only that, but I wasn’t rushing as if though I’d be on a PvP, so I was maybe 10 levels behind the highest levels, which would in turn mean my sandstone huts would get blown to bits pretty fast. In any case, TL;DR, my choice was not to play on a PvP, and now I’d be forced to, or quit.

And, being the case with these games, you lose two days and 30-40 levels from the beginning and join a different server, and you’ll find most half-decent spots will be built up already. Plus of course, I just did all that leveling. I know, I usually end up playing hundreds of hours after a fresh start, so 20+ hours wouldn’t be that huge of a thing, but I can’t help but feel frustrated about being slapped in the face and forced to reset completely. Not only that, but from what I could see, this happened with a Reddit post and tweet only some 10 minutes prior to the change. Not cool.

I know us PvE conflict players are such a minority here that we won’t raise a big enough stink for the people at Funcom to care one way or another. What I do know though is that I’m having a really really hard time feeling like I want to play this game now. Maybe I’ll get over it, seeing as though the game is still nice and all, but I’m not sure. If I had been burned out with this game after around 1000 hours of playing it, this sure did compound the situation.

I didn’t know about Funcom before Conan Exiles. I had heard stories about them not having the best track record. If the company is trying to make their image a bit better, stunts like this sure won’t make many new fans.

I hope I can return to this game at some point but right now, I feel a bit too insulted to do so. It’s a real shame too, as the game itself is great. Oh well.

EDIT: This is pretty much the same edit I made to my Reddit post, but I’ll make it here as well. I feel I need to say that despite having been pissed off, and despite still being frustrated and very disappointed about Funcom making a move like this, I’m still here. I haven’t quit playing. In fact, I rented a server of my own, so that I, and my friends, can play the game the way I want to without surprises. I haven’t given the game a bad review, nor do I think that’s the correct way to approach this situation. I still love the game, as well as the people working very hard to make it the best they can. I won’t walk back my statement though, as I feel it was, and still is called for, but as said, despite that, I for one will keep playing.

Was it a “cooler heads will prevail” -type of a situation? In the sense that despite having to swallow a turdburger I could personally find a way to keep enjoying the game? Sure. In the sense that what I felt, and still do, wasn’t real? Not at all. But, it is what it is.

Click on Andy’s post to know more:


What u doin devs?? After release u bring dats PVP to PVE named server!!! Bring back PVE CONFLICT!!! Or PVE but not PVP! 1321 server all players sad!I’m sorry but this is just ridiculous Funcom.
u have people cheering for the conflict servers, its perfect u can fight ppl and still only build with purge in mind. but now// PLEASE BRING BACK


I dont play pve conflict but I have friends that do everyone of them are heading to the refund door. Whose the numbskull that makes these decisions? He should start updating his LinkedIn


so your server 1206 crashed, it comes back and its no longer pve conflict but pvp? funcom we all joined this server to play pve conflict. please fix asap.


1207 To and i say it direct if it stays this way no EU conflict server than i am out of this game


Me too … so byby Conan. U can Put up more Servers but u Changed server on this server are players Play Bec. The Ruleset wase it what they want … And The best is All Conflict servers are canged no EU conflict servers animore Thats BS. And Have u Think about that now after the change the servers are full and the ppl on conflict servers are not logt in bc they think ther stuff is save and even if they want to log in they can´t. My base wase never build too Stay a Raid 1 Person with a stone sword can now take my stuff wow… I call BS a second time


really great move they made"we gona free up servers for PVP by stepping over these players that seem to fill them up to 70%"
what are we ? second priority group or what? did they f****** check the player count before making the changes? where are we supposed to go? what if we decide to stay pvp? what f****** room they made then?
this is outrageous!


if this doesn’t get rolled back i’d suggest everyone express they’r feelings in the steam review section… they were going somewhere, but with s***** move like this they need to head the other way, it’s almost like that wolf that changes color but not the habits…

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Why on earth would you guys remove these servers? Last night every one of them where full to the brim, I work a lot, I don’t have time to rebuild over and over and over again, what this mode added was the ability to still pvp without fear of loosing your base. Like many people this has probably ruined what was such a great start for me, very much doubt I’ll continue now, which is a real shame :frowning: hope this change doesn’t stick.


Petition! Bring all back!

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Fully agree with you mate.

@Funcom - I Officially take back all the nice things I said yesterday, this has got to be the worst decision you have made to date.


Forcing change server type just because “demand of pvp” and give a F* to the rest of us.
What’s the point of changing already full and popular PVE-C servers to PVP when there was clearly a playerbase

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This is so stupid. Pls change back before its to late!

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Extremely stupid move. People were playing on these servers for a reason, not because PvP was full.
I’m really speechless, so I’ll just log .

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I want the servers ore my Money back!!!

A statment maby? @AndyB

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Yesterday I left my work early so I can be here when the servers start. Already had plans where I would build. Me and my friend already decided that we will go to a PVE Conflict server because we didn’t want to get raided but still we wanted to do some PVP later. I spent all my day to build my base, get materials, etc… Helped my friend also to build his base. It was all nice, we had nice locations to build. Today I was working my way to get some armor too when I got a disconnect. No problem I taught, I came back to the server and soon after this a player jumped on me. I knew he could kill me but still all my materials (tons of iron) would be safe … WRONG. They were all outside in the crafting stations. The guy and one of his friends ganked me and stole everything. I lost all my new armor I just crafted, all my materials. They told me before they left that the server has been converted to PVP. So yeah, thank you Funcom.


I think this was a mistake. I didnt hear anyone complain about pvec. Now you are forcing those who wanted Limited PvP with other players against those who were looking for and asking to bring back pvpf servers. Pvpf is as close to Mayhem servers as possible. So this IS mixing two different playerbase where the other one was not ready and asking for manhandling that IS going to happen.

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Pls change back before its to late! Just restart with old settings of servers!!!


Makes sense some pve conflict servers yesterday (ps4 eu) had 5-6 people on (some were full but not majority)

Obviously if you put hours in then its a bit harsh but atleast you got to play thousands are still waiting