KrakenDirge - PvP Conflict - Launched 6/30 (New Player Friendly)

The admins have been hosting a Conan Server since it was first released in EA. We’ve recently moved to a new and more stable host and by consensus of the server population we’ve reset the map for a clean start.

Server: :
Discord: KTNxAkm

  • 70 Slots
  • 10 Max Clan Size (we want to see war, not a single guild controlling it all!)
  • 1x Everything (to experience the game as it was balanced.)
  • PvP 24x7, (griefing and pillar spamming are not tolerated).
  • Building Damage on Evenings and Weekends (so you can sleep and work and not worry about your stuff).
  • Purge on Evenings and Weekends (for the same reason as above).
  • Very active admins, available almost 24x7 on Discord
  • 18+ We are a full nudity and fully immersive Conan experience
  • We’re very friendly to new players

if it has building dmg then it is NOT a conflict server

Meh. Official Conan servers are PvE Conflict. You only get to PvP during certain times of day.
We took ours a different direction and named it PvP Conflict. It’s 24x7 PvP, with building damage only certain time of day.

Shrug - It’s what we’ve got! :slight_smile:

that sounds like a regular pvp server

No it doesn’t…