Seaching for pve conflicst server

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles on ps4 for about two weeks now and really enjoying it but have been having trouble finding a good, active pve conflict server. I’m an older gamer with a family who is looking for a mature, active community that enjoys the game. Because of family and job I have limited play time so a server with increased exp is preferred (I don’t want lvling to be too easy but I don’t want it to be an endless grind either). Realism is also a must (partial nudity preferred because I feel it adds to the atmosphere) but nothing crazy. I prefer player structures indestructible but like gear degradation as long as its not too rapid. If you have a server that fits the bill or know one that does let me know. I play in the United States, central time zone.

Hi there come check us out on Vanished Age server it’s not a pvp conflict but we have a great community many people have played together for awhile I recently joined the server and people have been great you should check it out. Ask for Kassady always willing to help out.

I tried looking up your server but could not find it.

I am on ps4. That might be the problem.

If you have not found a server yet , you can try Adventure Time. Its under PVP but is still like PVE-C with the ability to destroy buildings