Player Versus Enviroment - Fast?

Hello everyone.

I know i know, they havent launched with the launchday, but i’ve bought this game since EA release, i liked it but it got bored pretty quick, now i started again with a friend around a week ago, and we joined a PvE-F server and really enjoyed the faster rates, almost having our base finished by only finding out that the servers will be wiped tuesday(today) so we stopped building bases and went exploring instead, yea i know this isnt really the part i want to talk about, but here it goes then…

Are PvE-F servers coming back? and if so… is there any date on it? i’d rather start over on a x2 than x1, i dont have too much time to play games anyway, and a speeded up server makes it more fun.

Ofcourse i could join Unofficial servers, but there I have the scared feeling that the admin might one day stop paying and boop, all my progress gone…

so yea, once again…

Pve-Fast servers, coming back? if so when? please let me know,

Feel free to share your opinion on this tho, i’d gladly read more about it why people would want pve-F or would not want pve-F

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,