Conan Exiles : Oils

Thanks for the Oils with new dlc, it destroyed all the pvp in the game, very unbalanced and over powered, also easy to get for alpha clans, and it hard to beat them in pvp.

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Just to mention:
240 durability = 1 min

Most of the weapons only last a few minutes with an oil applied on them (5-6 min).

Mordlun with upgrade on damage got 71 damage and 8 min buff, serpent men got the same time but less damage, also hammers with insane damage, it will be hard to pvp know… and timer only goes down when you hold the weapon

Keep giving the feedback! These oils were much worse on the TestLive but were already nerfed for the live version based on feedback from the community.

Let’s not forget about the oil of…PE-NE-TRA-TI-ON! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How are the live values? Is it anywhere described?

The armor pen oil only lasted Five minutes on Telith’s Lament. It also drain my durability very fast.

The current values of the oils are as follows:

Oil of Penetration - 180 durability = 1 min / +25% armor penetration
Oil of Agony - 180 durability = 1 min / +15 health damage
Oil of Bounty - 180 durability = 1 min / +9 harvesting power
Oil of Balance - 120 durability = 1 min / stamina cost reduction (exact values to be tested)
Oil of Concussion - 240 durability = 1 min / concussion damage increase (exact values to be tested)

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