Regarding Update 2.2 aka PvP Update


Alex said, that people will die faster in PvP. So far so good. You can kill people more quickly.

Given the fact that getting oil is now tedious and that you gonna need 525 oil for one epic heavy armor set (350 for a medium set). With the new PvP update you gonna be at risk to lose this grind more easily (maybe within seconds?) So you will need backup armor, e.g. 10 sets of heavy armor and another 10 sets for your thralls. This is 10500 oil or 105000 insects (if you only get unappetizing fish).

I don’t know the crafting time for fishes yet, but if you have like 50 fish traps, you will need 2100 * Crafting_Time_For_One_Fish seconds to craft all these sets. Without insect farming time (which is variable). Let’s assume 60 seconds per fish. This will give a nonstop crafting time for only the oil part of these armors of 35 hours. If you are online maybe 2 hours per day you can get this done in roughly a month.

Then you get offline raided and lose 1 month of oil production in 1-2 hours (if you are alone)

Enjoy playing solo on officials :slight_smile:

(I am playing private with 5x harvest and 0.2 craft speed, which makes these changes not as grindy)

Yes somthing have alest to be done whit the clans system and diplomasy whit other clans so normal people can join a ful clan.

@SirDaveWolf, for the Exiled Lands try putting a piece of Epic Cimmerian armor in the Dismantling Bench. You will get a flawless armor lining/padding. No need for oil. Only need to farm the Mounds of the Dead.

For the Isle of Siptah I have no clue on how to mitigate the oil issue.


(which is completely stupid). They try to build something grand as this whole new oil change, but then something is forgotten and everything gets thrown out of the window. One could even say that what you described is the healing waterskin 2.0 of oversights.


So what your saying is we can expect people that got owned in PVP on officials to come here and cry about having to make new armor, is that it?


Yes same when you make undead folowerd, they decay so quick, unless you frees them.


How did anyone think this is a solution, sure new players at level 20 should go to the mounds lmao right, how about Funcom fixes it so its not so broken then everyone can enjoy their armors and not have grind and be told to go places they have no business going as a new player. Geeze think of others , the low levels, the newbies to this game not just the high level players who can run to the mounds and kill every thing lol.

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New players aren’t trying to make epic armor at level 20.


don’t want to invest time and effort?
use light armor.

But, i guess they could make the oil production less tedious.

New players can not afford even the cheap armor to fix with these changes is the point. Also the devs said it was broken in the patch notes, so they knew and still put it out.

Just to be clear, are you starting that new players cannot afford to repair non-epic light, medium and heavy armor?

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Just to be clear , I am done with this conversation, you just want to make your point right and no way to do that , the devs said this was broken so its broken bottom line. Or the devs are lying to us, might be. Either way done talking with you. Have yourself a great Monday.

He is literally trying to understand your point. If you take that as an attempt to “win”, you probably think that you have something to lose.

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I play light armor 90% of the time. So I don’t mind.

I am just thinking about the other players that rely on heavy armor.

One doesn’t have to be high level to run the Mounds of the Dead. Certainly it makes it much easier. However, if you’re smart about what Cimmerians you engage you can lightly farm it w/o too much threat or fear.

Just seperate them out and keep them staggered.

To get official servers even get a chance being popular again they need to do something against mounts.

I like the new PVP healing system, and such on a priv server without horses.

But let’s say all privates was getting shutted down, I would not been playing the game.

If the mounts was an issue before they are a way bigger issue now since u cant heal the same way.

So with Alex saying they want people do die faster, they probably dont know that a horse killing another player within 2-4 hits depending on weapon.

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They already buffed the weapon damage with the 2.1 patch. I have not tried to craft a lance yet, but it will probably have more damage as well. So light armor will be 100% oneshot from a guy on horse with 50 Strength.