Oil Wells a suggestion

Due to the fish traps being bugged and only getting 1 or 2 full harvests out of them, i would like to suggest the possibility of oil wells in the game, these could be natural spawns that appear out in the world and players would have a craft able item to allow them to harvest the oil.

If the bug with fish traps is fixed, you could still have oil wells in areas that have no water ways such as the far north, and the desert.

It’s a terrible return but you can press seeds into oil if you are one of the unfortunate to have persistent bugged fish traps.

This may not help at all as the reason why some stop and others are ok is unknown … but try …
If you do have frequent bugged fish traps then I suggest that you remove them. Wait until next server restart and place them in a slightly different arrangement … Eg less of them close together, facing a different orientation than the bugged set. Or build them in a different location …Eg next to where they bugged out but not overlapping it.

I had five placed and then three stop producing for me shortly after the 7 July patch. I replaced them with another three and they worked ok for about two weeks then stopped (but the other two close to them never stopped). So I removed those three and replaced them with two as the third was being troublesome about being placed close to them. After this … both the new ones have produced fish reliably.

Yes i am aware of replacing the fish traps but when you run 100 plus traps due to your demand for oil, having to build and replace them is tedious and time consuming and slows down your production. And yes the seeds are possible but the return is not worth it.

I was suggesting another way to get oil while not relying on fish traps.

But as the traps are unreliable there is no guarantee a new self fill item will work any better …

hi, if they work as the Mitrean Water well they seem to fill up on their own (4 or 5 Glass Flasks worth of water at a time), maybe that could be how it could be done?

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