Wells and fish traps

Game mode: [Online | pve-c 2508]
Problem: [large wells and fish traps]
Region: pve-c 2508, lower region, desert

[12- 13- 2020]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.unable to set large wells close to one another anymore.
2.unable to place fish traps in large wells anymore.
3.issue started after update on above date.

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Where’s the issue?

Read that fish traps in water wells is no longer a thing for PC players may be Xbox recieved that with latest patch.

Don’t understand the problem. I mean,fish in a well doesn’t work or has anyone seen a trap in a well. :man_shrugging:


One of the updates on PC eliminated fish traps in water wells. Unless there’s a change of plans it will happen to console when the parity patch comes out. PC players don’t seem to like the change also fish won’t be useful for ichor if I remember correctly. Oil out of fish is no longer one for one. @Narelle do you have information on this. Thanks in advance.

Still working on Ps4.

As far as I am aware, fish traps not working in wells is an intended change on PC. Since the xbox guys got a patch, maybe some of the changes were included. @Hugo could probably re-check on that.

Other changes on PC:

  • Fish is no longer generated passively, you have to use bait (insects, bees, grubs).
  • Cooking fish no longer produces ichor. You have to farm your ichor from spiders, etc.
  • You can still produce oil by pressing fish but the fishes are swapped: 10 unappetizing = 1 oil, 1 exotic = 1 oil. The oil is harder to come by on Siptah but not really on Exiles Lands because all T4 alchemists have an oil recipe (bark + ichor).
  • There were some restrictions as to where you can place the traps as well, they had to be 50-60% submerged and you couldn’t place them in shallow waters but if not mistaken, this was adjusted at some point. I have not tried placing new ones recently but the forum complaints stopped so I guess it was fixed :slight_smile:
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Thank you pretty much what I thought was happening but threads get jumbled in my head. Didn’t know about alchemist and oil must have seen it but didn’t need it. I will be stocking up on supplies before parity patch.

I’m a PC player and it never occured to me to even try, shouldn’t have been possible in the first place imo. I think it’s just a vocal minority who thinks fishing in a well is the way to go.


It is a good way to keep your fish from being stolen. Also on my private server I have water wells with improved fish traps and preservation boxes near all the Obelisk s . I actually learned about it maybe a year ago on this forum.

It’s not something attackers usually blow up.

It’s like this guys when funcom does a update they break stuff and almost never fix anything

Well thats annoying… its enough of a pain to get fish without being out in the open where water is at as it is. Now we cant even build fish hatcheries? Thats how i always viewed it. No longer a well but a fishery. I think its pretty realistic. The new oil thing doesnt make sense either. The lean, tasty high quality fish shouldnt be the greasy oily one. It doesnt make any sense. Bad enough theyve practically all but removed ichor, but theyre heading doen the dark path that all these multiplayer games do, of cost based on function and usefulness and not reality. I like the bait requirement, dont get me wrong, but rhe oil thing makes no sense. Neither does the ichor removal honestly. Fish are actually full of junk. Although maybe not in the amounts we see in conan. But if you extract certain organs from fish like you would during cooking prep, (the gallbladder i think, dont quote me on that im probably wrong.) Youd find all kinds of nasty toxins like mercury. I vastly prefer having to hunt down rare ingredients to craft certain things in games over farming massive amounts of the same thing to create one item. Which is why personally i dont think steel making makes any sense in conan either, requiring like 10 iron bars to make one steel bar thats exactly the same size and weight. Many of these games break the laws of the Conservation of Mass for the sake of “balance” just because an item is useful. Conan already has that problem with its leveling system. Some things make sense for only being late game but then others are ridiculously simple and should be low level but arent. The grind stone is a pretty good example. So is farming, the farming system in the game for some reason acts like plants dont produce their own seeds. So you always have to go get more. Like, either make farming actually farming or remove it. Cuz all this “farming” does is move the source of the item closer to your base. Its literally faster to just teleport somewhere with a sickle and gather a few hundred, rather than a flat 50 per seed. Its ridiculous.

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