Cannot place fish traps

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I have had a working fishery in the D10 tile. It has been, but today there was purge. The base was wiped out. I made an attempt to place the traps in the river, and it gives me the “Must be Placed in Water” prompt. The traps are placed well in the water, and this problem seems to persist downriver into C10. Please see posted screen shots.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Choose fish traps from the hot bar
2. Attempt to place

Built a realy cool fish house. Then tried to put the fish traps in it. No way, said no in water. Well the were.
I did found if you place them on the shore (not in water) and leave the tails in the water, you get fish.

and you get to tear down your super fish house and build a rectangle box building around them.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s being looked into.
Thanks for the feedback.


For tracking purposes, I have observed this issue as well.
Traps cannot be placed in large wells or in open water.
I was able to place a trap near the Mounds area with just the bottom tip of the open mouth touching the water, and the rest of it angled up out of the water on a rocky beach.
Otherwise, unable to place traps as traditionally able.

Hey, @Ignasi, I have a related question: is there any chance the team might re-enable the placing of fish traps inside a large well? People on Siptah are spamming the rivers, lakes and beaches like crazy, and building practically on top of each other, all because they need more oil due to lack of T2+ crafters. This kind of building might be easily countered on PVP servers, but it’s causing some bad blood between clans on PVE(-C) servers.

It is not being considered at the moment.

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Thank you for confirming :slight_smile:

So now we are stuck putting traps in rivers and lakes.
For us that do not live near water, you just ruined our processing fish.

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And for those of us who do live near water, they ruined our whole neighborhood, because we get a bunch of clans coming to place their fish traps, with each placing 20-50 fish traps on foundations… spam everywhere. :roll_eyes:

But do bear in mind that he said “not being considered at the moment”, so maybe they’ll change it if we continue to grouse and kvetch. :grin:

Maybe they would be more open to increasing the fish production rate, increasing the fish decay timer or increasing the number of slots in each trap. More productive traps means less traps.

Sure, so they’ll spam fewer traps. Instead of being able to produce fish at home. Because producing fish at home is a problem for some reason…

I honestly don’t get it. :man_shrugging:

It’s probably some PVP thing I don’t understand. Any PVP players wanna enlighten me?

To be fair, if you’re being honest, you must admit that gaining mass quantities of fish from a well never made practical sense to begin with.

Gamewise, it was a small bug that took them forever to fix, but now, in Office Space fashion, they’ve “fixed the glitch.”

Let’s just admit that it does, in fact, make sense that you have to go to a river to catch a fish.

Well, except that the fix for Wells also seems to have rendered many ‘natural’ bodies of water unsuitable for fish traps as well.

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This whole fish-trap issue would be less of a crippling economy problem if there was any other even minimally plausible way to get oil. 1 ichor plus 1 bark plus (and that only with a named alchemist)? Without easy fish-farming, ichor itself isn’t that easy to farm (unless you live near a spider farm spot), and ichor’s needed in too many other important recipes.

15 seeds per oil? If you need 100 oil, that’s 1500 seeds – that’ll use up a couple of sickles (and an entire day).

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