Still can't place Improved Fish Traps in large well

**Game mode:**Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:PvE-Conflict
Region: [USA]

So, a month or two ago, i posted that I cannot place fishtraps in large wells. Ig said he’d poke the devs about it. For some reason i can’t even find the thread in my history. I still can’t place fishtraps. Is there any news? Is this intentional? Will we ever be able to do so in the future? What time scale are we talking about? Seriously, with the changes to fish, this isn’t a small deal. I need oil now. Like yesterday. Feedback would be MOST welcome!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place large well
  2. Try to place Improved Fish traps
  3. Fail

I think that was intentionally removed as part of the last patch.


yup, as far as I’m aware, it’s not a bug

You cant put them in wells or fish houses.

You have to put them on the shore in a line, then build a fish house around them.
We have a killer fish building. We removed the fish traps months ago because we have 6 cupboards full oil.
She decided to put them back after the fish trap change.
They only go on the outside of the building on the shore.

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Did that also affect the non-Improved Fish Trap?

Yes, it includes the non-improved fish traps. (that’s really the only one I use to use). But I gave up on using fish traps as I noticed the fish will now decay within the traps before removal.
They simply disappear instead of turning into putrid meat.
For oil, I just use a sickle and press oil from seeds of various plants. I don’t need an ongoing factory production of oil, just what I only need to get things done.


I just compared seeds versus fish for oil farming. I can get 500 oil pretty easily with fish. I farmed the seeds, and in the same amount of time/effort I got only 35 oil. This doesn’t seem reasonable. If it was more equal then maybe it would makes sense to not allow fish traps from the large well.

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Before you have a named alchemist, it can be hard to get oil. If you just need to make a set of non-epic heavy armour for you and your thrall, you shouldn’t need much oil. I’m curious, what do you need a lot of oil for? Personally, I don’t farm oil until I need to make epic armour.

Once I need epic armour, I also farm for a named alchemist. In the Exiles map, Gilum’tun, Asuras Chosen can be farmed fairly easily. Once you have a named alchemist. you can make 5 oil per 1 ichor + 1 bark. Just farm ichor from spiders with a pick and bark from trees using a pickaxe, which doesn’t take long in areas where there are a bunch. Then just make oil on the Alchemist Bench using ichor and bark. You get 5 oil per 1 ichor + 1 bark.

See the wiki:


I just relooked at this: Stone Consolidant

Now I see resin is needed instead of ichor. It would have been a bottleneck without that change.

However, I’ve camped out Sinner’s Refuge and never seen that named alchemist. Hmm. I’ve also camped out Deckswab’s Retreat and never seen him.

Sinner’s Refuge in EL. Eventually Multigun shows up, easy to get.

Now, if it were only so simple on Siptah, sigh.

In reality, I enjoy the difficulty of the island and have a new appreciation of T3s :man_shrugging:




You’re right. I thought those were only priests in Sinner’s Refuge.


Yes. I need the oil for end-game armor. And I’m playing on Siptah more often than not now, so named alchemists are unicorns.


I have a tanner’s table full of oil, and I use 1000-1000 oil to fuel my campfire, 2 kilns and the improved stove. AND I JUST FOUND IT OUT A WEEK AGO!!!
Maan… so many years of playing, and killing countless amounts of cimmerian folks to get oil ro find out just now that there is a WAY quicker and easier way. And now I just take a look at the Bay of hulks and neighbour areas and in 30 minutes I got ~5-600 ichor (2500-3000 oil).

Try to get a Darfari witch doctor at the Summoning place!
It has a prettty high chance to spawn and the dudes around are easy to kill.


They no longer provide the oil recipes just heads up T4 alchemist are not needed anymore

Sure they do.



No they dont I have a witch doctor and I dont see it on the bench so I went investigating in the dev kit it got removed rather only t4 purge had it and none of the t4 that used to be purge now carry it. Like I looked yo … idk how your still getting it.

And now try to get T4 Alchemist on the Isle of Siptah without epic armor and solo. I use mod reducing summoned Surge cost but I still can’t knock out Surge Thralls alone because of those unknockable 1-skull monsters: 3 of them or even more on each platform plus some ordinary Thralls are too much for me. Imagine having 3 or more Seekers from the Unnamed City next to Gilum’tun, Asuras Chosen inside the Sinners Refuge. I farm Wild Surges so I have all the T3s and it’s almost OK, but they can not make oil. Yesterday I’ve spent almost an hour dancing around Fish Traps (because if you don’t take out fish in time it will die and decay in the water!) just to get enough Oil for ONE PIECE OF ARMOR. It’s a real nonsence.

Everything is OK on the Isle except oil. If only fish didn’t decay that fast!

The devkit is a complex device. The DLCs are not included since they are considered proprietary. C++ is on the same category.

Personally, I don’t care to spend the time learning the intricacies of blueprints and the various UE4 devices which provide a unique game, so I stick to data files.

When something does not go right, or their are remaining questions, we go straight to game to determine the effects.

This is solo:

This is a dedicated online server (not mine):

Please be aware this is a Precision Alchemist’s Bench, not the two basic cauldrons. Although they moved the function to the benches, it still exists.