Well Fish traps

What the hell is with Fishing in well, fishes aint living in wells, but i see many officials full of large, even small wells full of improved fish traps

So my suggestion :frowning:

  1. Fix that u cant build in water wells fishtraps, this is just common sense…(otherwise why u guys fixed fall damage?)
  2. Make water wells placable ONLY on ground. ( I also start to find wells up in trees and houses… like wtf from where there is water?)
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  3. or add some ponds where players can grow fishes, like Koi pond or something, because this is just inlogical now…

Also i add image i got today


The large wells are too big and ugly. I prefer Mitra fountain with one fish trap on each side. :innocent:


you can keep fish in a custom built pond, that and a well can be filled via rain fall

I see no issue with the balance of wells right now.


Then they should add something like koi pound or something where u can grow fish, because this is just … weird, they fixed fall, and other inlogical stuff but leave fish in well… ok, maybe there is some fish who like to live in such environment, but i think those are not edible fishes…

So i update the suggestion then

On consoles I am unable to put anything at the Mitra shrine…

Ad 1) Why should it be bug in the first place? You can place them in shallow water and also have many fishes, besides never seeing one in the stream

Ad 2) No… Also the mitra fountain gets the water from where exactly? Godly teleporting? Its not meant to be realistic

Ad 3) Would make sense… But Funcom has so many other things todo… :smiley:

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This is the way.

U don’t see fishes in water? In all rivers there is some fishes (visuals) that are swimming around… once even in that broken waterway i found some…

about 2 , thats way i say, they should be placable only on ground… Or players should build some waterways to get water… mitra fountain is just like well if placed on normal ground… :D…

this change you ask would destroy creative use for it like this one

( that I took inspiration from to do a bloodpool with the radium red lights ) …

I think this is a really cool idea.

On PC it takes me more than a minute to place one on the Mitra fountain. The positioning must be very precise before it lets you place it.


Also easiest to make by the way…

  • We have water statues, small wells, Dlc wells… That big one are UGLY and too big… And as far i see only who use it is to fish traps…

So what to do?

Devs can just somehow disable fish traps placement on all other wells, and just reskin that big well into pond… could add improvement, that u need to place 2 alive fishes from river traps that by time grows and grows in numbers if u give correct food, or if u forget to feed them they die…

Its like fat grub farm in compost,… but in pond… and still u will need traps to catch those fishes, but u wont cach more than they are in pond, and only those who is in ponds…

What u say about this?

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With or without the additional requirement of placing and feeding fish, I think this is an awesome idea.

There is no reason the get rid of the large well just because you want a pond. There is no reason the get rid of fish traps in the well because you don’t see fish.

Lot of things in the game are surreal. Don’t diminish it.


I don’t think it should be eliminated. Just given increased functionality or a new item added that is a reskin. The proposed new structure could have a built-in inventory, as if it were a very large fish trap.

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Realism is fine, unless it actively detracts from the game. Being able to place fish traps inside a large well has been a feature for a long time and just removing it – without replacing it with something functionally equivalent – would negatively affect a lot of people just because someone complained it’s not realistic enough.


Thats the point, to add “pond” and remove this stuff from well…

the well is big. I do not see problems with growing fish in it. And by the way, improved fish in the well can be caught longer than in the river, so everything is in order

Yes, my point was that for me it’s not “OR add a pond”, but rather that they have to add something to replace the fish traps in well if they remove them.

Honestly, the whole “I can see fish in rivers” argument falls apart when you realize that you can’t see the fish swimming in the ankle-deep water around the Mounds of the Dead (for example), yet you can still place fish traps there, too. And I don’t know if I can see fish swimming in the Oasis of Nekhet, but again, you can place traps there.

I’m not against adding a pond, but I’m not terribly upset by the lack of realism when it comes to fishing in the large well. I can supply a justification for it easily, so it doesn’t really affect my suspension of disbelief. All I’m saying is, don’t just remove it without replacing it. :man_shrugging:


I don’t see the problem, in terms of realism it’s one of the least unrealistic aspects of the game.


Soo if everyone agree to pond or well upgrade or something ( not removing) maybe some dev can share his opinion about this? :slight_smile: