Fish Traps are OP

I really like the fish traps and the huge amount of fish they give but they are just too OP. this is my Fish trap farm in the desert. As long as you got knee deep water and the traps don’t even need to be submerged into water you can place them. And in rows, which makes this ridiculous. I can take all the fish there twice a day from my 100+ traps and get like 5k oil and ichor.

Don’t get me wrong, I like many others enjoy this comfort of getting oil and ichor very easy but it is just bugged and flawed as a concept right now. There should be only certain flagged areas where u can place them and in certain distances to each other.


Given it would take next to nothing to destroy those traps in a PvP server and any decrease in fish trap productivity could be overcome with more traps, would a nerf matter or change anything? They seem balanced now.


Not sure if you realize it, but if the idea about certain areas ever got through then there would most likely be only very certain people/clans who would have monopoly on fish… sure you could make tons of areas, but if you just look at your picture you technically do it right now :slight_smile: with a very big area too… Consider this with only very specific areas able to put them…

People would be insanely pissed and most likely call for it to be put back to what we have now, since this gives options for all players… A bit broken, sure, but all in all the only fair thing to have… And yeah, the only in a certain distance between each thing would possibly fix it in some ways, but I’m sure a lot of people would still find a way and therefore it would likely end up being called broken again


You guys make all very valid points about it being abused and monopolized by clans and people but it is still a very broken concept right now. And the area that I have seems large but given the game world it is realy a tiny tiny area. Even 100 people using an area like I use would have not a big impact on the world.

Something that could balance it out would be that each fish gives more resources when you cook or put them into a press. If you increase the fish production time it would perfectly balance it out and people would not need to put up 1000 traps.

wow fish traps not op lol there glitched/bugged right now lol if I was on that server be free fish for me lol

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lol it really hard enough to find spots with a full server and there lots of water but most water u cant even put traps down

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This thread is laughable. Fish traps op, as you stare at 1000 of them.

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But that is kind of the point the OP is trying to make. You can cram 1000 in a small space and all work. I’m not agreeing they are OP but it is kind of funny in the immersion breaking way.

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Are we worried with immersion when a small trap as that can hold up to 250 fishes?


Yeah, let’s make more of this game a tedious farm for the sake of PvP balance.


I do not think fish traps are overpowered. Placing 100 fish traps seems excessive, which understandably results in excessive amounts of fish and oil/ichor. Are thrall stations overpowered if you make 100 of them? Are improved beehives overpowered if you make 100 of them? Perhaps self-moderation is the solution here.


Change server setting to Containers ignore ownership.

Fishtrap farms get a crapton smaller.


Exactly! Thanks for making a fish farm for me to stop by and get all the fish I want anytime, lol. Could you add some crab pots? I do enjoy my seafood.

Considering fish traps only work half the time and you have to constantly remake them, I don’t see how they are op at all.

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I have never had to remake them. Are you sure that is not an active attack by someone killing your traps just to be a pain?

Can’t tell if the OP is trolling all the people complaining about fish traps not not working, or just clueless.


In bulk everything is OP. yeah you got 250 furnaces and can smelt 25k iron a hour GREAT. But whats the point exactly? you can bicker that firnaces are OP too then. Or grinders. Or fluid presses. Or chests. Or vaults. Or planters. anything really.

you placed a 1000 of them wel duhh obviously you are gonna get a lot of resources from them but that doesnt mean fishtraps are OP. it just means you placed too muvh of them and thats entirely your own doing. so i dont think you have any reason to complain.

what would you rather have. a clan that has 50 fishtraps in a lake to supply them with oil icjor and food. or that that clan has to place another 50 cause they got nerfed. it would ruin the world as people will just place more of them.

You my friend. make no sense.


The point I am trying to make is that you can place them not even sumberged into water in massive amounts. You do not even space them you can just put them in knee deep water. Yes, other people can destroy or raid them but it still persists that this is immersion breaking, unbalanced and, in my opinion. OP. It needs to be balanced so that you CANNOT place them like I did in my picture.

You can place 200 furnaces but you would need 100 people to supply the materials to actually keep them running as you scrape off all stones and iron in half of the world. THIS would be something logical and something that would work in real life too. But placing 100 traps in a tight small space and catch 1k fish per hour is just plain unbalanced, bugged and op. The same as with the beehives.

Thus, fishtraps need to be looked at again and rebalanced and reworked.

no they dont. if you place that many that means you need that many. if you need that many resources then you get them. nerfing fishtraps wont change demand.

the only thing a nerf causes is MORE fishtraps to be placed to achieve the same level of resourceflow. A nerf would not be an improvement at all.


Just simply increase what the fish give you per fish and suddenly you don’t need that many. Make each trap hold more and have a radius of clearance. So not a nerf but an upgrade