Fishtraps need a buff after the HUGE nerf

so i havent played for a while now but with the new updates i started again. played the game the usual way, like i always did but i soon realised what big impact the changes on the fishtraps had. and i really didnt like it.

i really understand that you need bait for the traps. i get it, it was way too overpowered to just get tons of fish but plsss why does the fish decay in it? the rare bufffood fish always expires before i take it out because it doesnt stack fast enough to not decay when i look in the fishtraps again later that day

pls leave it like it is but dont let the fish decay while still in the trap.than the baits make sense, its not completly overproduction but its not to much stress and pain in the ass

plsssss funcom


Agreed, either you waste most of your bait and collect a few fish after a while, or you spend all your time watching the traps to pluck out fresh fish.

If “no decay” for fish in the traps seems too much, at least much slower decay would be nice, such as the thrall pot still provides.

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Meanwhile I recommend this mod: Steam Workshop::Bait Master - Passive Fish Generation

This has to be one of the worst FUBARs Funcom has ever managed to pass off.
The original premise was that they caused server performance issues, which is always FCs fall back position when they want to change something and do not have a valid reason.
Instead people spam more of them, to get more fish before they decay, and also spam compost boxes everywhere.
They should just admit their mistake and revert back to the old system.

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To be fair, it wasn’t the original premise. It was one of the things they mentioned being part of the original premise. As far as I remember, the primary reason was because they didn’t want an important resource (i.e. oil) produced passively. And that is a very valid reason.

They tossed in the performance issue as an “oh, and also” kind of thing, and that muddied the waters considerably and made everyone ignore the meat of the subject.

Yeah, the initial reaction to the trap nerf was to spam compost heaps. I wonder it might be one of those things that just go away on their own if you give them time. I honestly don’t know if there are still many people who persist in baby-sitting their huge fisheries. I know that I don’t have a single fish trap on my new playthrough, because eff that noise :smiley:

I mean, on the one hand, you’ve got the whole crappy process of baiting the traps and transferring the fish to the fluid presses, all the while either losing a whole bunch to the decay, or sitting around baby-sitting them. On the other hand, you have the ability to get tons of bark and ichor, and then have your T3+ alchies produce tons of oil. I know which one I chose. I’m happy with my choice, so maybe people who still suffer the fish trap headaches might wanna try it too?

Why should they need to revert to the old system? Getting ichor is really easy, and so is crafting oil from it. And it’s good for balance to avoid having important resources generated passively.

I like @Rastigan’s proposal: disable fish decay inside traps.

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You seem conflicted, is it because you just contradicted yourself? We do not want an important resource created passively, but feel free to produce tons of oil thru the alchemy bench instead.

The fact is, they could have easily toned down the traps without totally making them useless.

This is my personal theory.
After the new team moved in, someone decided that fishtraps were ugly, did not like the fact that people would spam huge farms of them, and wanted to minimize their use, so they made it so.
Your own words prove this theory -

Also when you say passively, you are talking about the same process used to make just about every base resource in the game.
You gather raw materials, add them to a processing plant, turn it on, and walk away.

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I’m neither conflicted nor contradicting myself, but I can see that I wasn’t clear. By “passive production” I refer to getting something for nothing. Fish were spawned in fishing traps without investing anything in their production, be it time or materials. Getting oil was a process of transferring a bunch of fish from the fishing traps to the fluid presses next to them. Again, no materials invested in that and almost no time.

As it turns out, I’m not talking about that. Sorry for the confusion.

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