Thank you for fixing the decay rate

Makes a huge difference. Thanks for listening.

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What did they fix now?

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I’m guessing fish in traps?

I’m waiting confirmation :slight_smile:
And i have yet to try and see if I can place fish traps in my swamp…

Yes, fish traps, I tested them all morning, did not lose anything to decay and I left them for hours.


Outstanding :smiley:

Is that on TestLive? Because my fish decay like crazy on live officials.

EDIT: I haven’t tested today’s hotfix yet.

As of yesterday, I left a fishtrap full of fish overnight(RT), went back and they were still all there with no decay. It wasn’t a lot of fish, maybe a few dozen of various kinds. I dont need to really do fish anymore since my T4 Alchemists can make oil, I was just curious.

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Weird. Are you on Siptah or in Exiled Lands? Also, are you using regular fish traps or improved ones?

I tested it this morning and they still decay:

  1. Put 1 bug in the improved fish trap on Siptah.
  2. Wait for it to craft a fish.
  3. Note that the decay timer says 45 minutes.
  4. Log out.
  5. Come back more than 1 hour later and check the trap.
  6. The trap is empty. No fish, no rotten meat, nothing.

I can confirm that playing on official servers fish still decay very fast in fish traps.

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Well I think what you 2 are experiencing , is a difference of where your base is built , I beleive that the more crowded the area your base is the easier fish will decay , and the further you are from the crowd the less decay you’ll have .

What I mean by this , is that whenever someones goes near your fishtraps , it activates the "normal rate of decay " , whereas when there is no one near it’s the Idle decay rate that will rule on your fishtraps ( and I think that it’ll stop at the first iteration of an item decaying : 13 exotic fish will decay into 12 and timmer will stop untill this area is no more in idle state … but that just how I feel it works , so don’t take my word for it !! )

Nah, that’s not how those things work. The AI LOD has a catch-up logic, so it should decay for both of us, or neither.

Unless @JJDancer is playing on a modded private server, my bet is that Funcom either: 1) changed regular fish traps but forgot to change the improved ones, or 2) changed something in the configuration of official Exiled Lands servers but forgot to do apply that same change for official Siptah servers.

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From what I’ve seen pre-Siptah, this is how it worked.

I would test it, but I think I’m taking a break from testing. After going through a rollercoaster with hairstyles of funcom breaking something, then fixing it, then a mod breaking something, than funcom breaking it more, then the mod fixing the break, with funcom fixing it, and then the mod breaking and then refixing, and then God knows where the problem is now. Or even if there’s a problem. I have no clue lol.

I’m gonna pass that torch for a bit.

I know about the catch-up , but as it is said it’s not perfect ( in example I beleive the catch-up method to be responsible of the large fireplace and kiln so called “insta-cooking” ) . also what makes me believe what i say might be what is occuring is the following : When offline in my bed , I’m positioned on the top floor of a tower that is already on top of a high mountain . and if I keep food on my hotbar , when I log back in i have only one of those food item turn into putrid meat , but now having clanmembers sometimes they will come take things i prepared for them , then when i would log in i would have ~ the same amount of putrid meat as the time they spent in near me .

also the catch-up might be responsible for this weird time difference in the compost bin ( i mean when you put an egg in the compost bin and goes from 24h to 1h12 , but if you put a timmer of 45 minutes ! and go for a walk , then comming back at the compost bin as the timmer rings you’ll have the babies ready / with maximum a minute left and not an 1h12 )

So this is on Conan Exiles, Official PVE-C. I dont play Siptah yet. I origianally had 10 traps along the edge of the northern Oasis pond near Murielas Hope, due south of the Den.
After the change, I picked up 7 traps and left three. The decay rate was the same crazyness. Then after the last update I forgot I had put bugs in one of the traps, checked it, and the fish were there. So I started testing, using the three traps, with bugs, bees, and the caterpillar things.
I did a two hour run, and the fish were there with no decay. So I put another 20 bugs in the traps, left them overnight, and the next day (approximately 9 RT hours) there were 20 fish there.
A couple of things that are true, this is my base and is rarely visited or even passed close by. Nobody could even get close to my traps as I have a perimeter wall around the whole base. The traps I am using are the normal cone shaped traps, not the enhanced traps. They are just under the water along the edge with a small walkway next to them.
If you are using enhanced, try the regular traps and see what happens.

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I’ve never seen putrid meat in fish traps. Don’t fish just escape from there?

And: does the honey still expire in hours? I couldn’t check, my beehives are destroyed.

The Enhanced Fishtraps does still decay on EL on Official servers.

I’ve tried and so have another player.

put bait in, wait for fish, click fish watch decay timer counting down.

Haven’t tested the regular ones but what’s the point since they don’t give you the bonus fishes.

But decay is still there and kicking.

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I’ve seen it, but very rarely. And on the occasions I’ve seen it, I couldn’t transfer it to my inventory. Instead, I had to move it from one slot to another inside the trap, which would make it disappear.

I’m guessing that the way they implemented it is that it decays like usual, but the trap detects the presence of putrid meat and removes it.

I just tried with a regular trap, on Siptah. Same thing as with the improved: the fish is not there anymore when I come back online. I could try in Exiled Lands, but someone else beat me to it:

I put the bugs in this trap this morning, around 8am MST, it is now 1:34am the next day.

Maybe I should start selling fishtraps…lol

The point is you don’t have to babysit them., for those without a t4 Alchemist. So apparently the regular traps don’t have the decay timer on the CE servers. That means you can pack them with bugs and come back later like the good old days without finding empty traps.