Fish Traps decay


Official Server

Every Weds and Sat I spend an hour resetting all our decay markers.
Between those two days, 6 of my 10 traps decay away.

Im replacing fish traps inside of the stupid 7 day decay structure.

very old problem :frowning: every week we craft 20 fish traps cause they diaper over night

I had the same thing happen to me , I resolved it by sinking some foundation slightly below water level and built a fish hut with traps on foundation. Make sure you add fruit presses or placables to foundation slab or hut to increase decay time. I recently changed it around to be a giant circle in the water about 5 foundation deep, every floor has ceiling tiles to set fish traps on , you can probably comfortably fit 20 traps atleast in there and get full decay.

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Hehe i avoid puting block under water. It is impsible to delet them

I was thinking of no floor, but walls all the way around them, a fish pen.

This just started with us, and yes they are dissipating over night now.

Strange, Iv’e had no problem whatsoever deleting underwater foundation/walls/fence or anything for that matter. Im on ps4 though so perhaps that may be the difference in our experience.

I did sink underwater foundations, and it all works great, They all stay where they should

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Just over the past week or two, fish and shellfish traps I’ve had in place for 5-6 months (Official PvE) have started having their max decay time decrease and a few even disappeared. In each case, they are still within my land claim (3-second sprint), but they are more than a 1-second sprint from the nearest foundation.

It’s kind of annoying because I rather preferred placing them more organically along the stream running past my base than building a walled “fish farm” like everyone else. Guess I’ll have to follow suit though…

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