Fish trap decay is malfunctioning on PvE/C officials

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Fish traps entering decay and despawning prior to their timer running out]
Region: [OCE (AU)]

This is happening consistently overnight. The traps persist through server downtime for patches (not sure about restarts yet - haven’t stayed up to test it), but despite 36+ hour decay timers are always gone when I log in the next day after placing in the afternoon. Doesn’t matter if I place them at the start of the session or the end. I’ve tried just placing fish traps, putting them on foundations, putting them near foundations, putting more of them down than I need (10+ in a cluster), placing them in deep water… the last test I’m doing over tonight is whether a fully set up structure in deep water will prevent them from despawning.

The first five traps I placed (this is consistent with another clan member’s findings) persisted until they decayed and were destroyed by another player. Every other trap, and every structure part placed near those traps (fish traps and shellfish traps alike) disappears sometime between logoff and login. I go out of my way to make sure the traps have a high enough decay timer to last through that period and more. Every trap placed since has disappeared, even in new locations. This issue doesn’t seem to occur in specific parts of the map; my clanmate’s findings occurred at the horizontal branch of the river above Bonepicker Camp, while mine are occurring in the lakes outside of New Asagarth and the deeper waters near Coldfish Camp.

Send help. I’m running out of oil >.>

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make at least 6-10 fish traps and place them in a body of water. Largest number of additional structure parts tested so far is 6 (sandstone foundations)
  2. Collect as normal throughout the day/night and log off.
  3. Log in, check traps.
  4. Repeat over the course of a week; check for disappearing traps. Re-place as necessary to replicate data. The first five traps placed should persist, with the other structures involved in the claim area disappearing.