Fishing traps keep disappearing!

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [North America]

All of my fishing traps keep disappearing every day. This has happened three days in a row. I have place them in multiple locations near my base and they are gone when I log in the next day. I am playing on Official Server #2732 PVE Conflict. Please help me I need to feed my bears! Thanks!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a fishing trap
  2. Log off for the night
  3. Log back in the next day
  4. Find the traps are gone
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Place your traps on foundation blocks (at least 6 blocks)

And make sure they’re at least T2 (insulated wood/stonebrick) foundations, not sandstone. Lower their elevation so they’re as far under the water as the game will allow you to place them, and then drop the fish traps on top of them. They should inherit the decay timer properly then, while still being in contact with the water.

Sandstone works as well as any other.

Get a repair hammer and check the decay timer on the fish traps you place. If they are close enough to your base then they will share the base’s decay timer. If they have their own shorter timer then the game considers them to be separate from your base.

If they have a short timer then either put them on foundations as others have suggested or build a small building next to them and check with the repair hammer the decay timer on all to ensure the fish traps have linked into the higher decay timer.
I have had a couple of buildings where the fish traps have been placed directly on the ground in the water and share the building timer without needing to be on foundations themselves.

Not in my experience. A few sandstone foundations will give the traps 30 hours or so. The same number of stonebrick or insulated wood will give you (a lot) more time. May not be an issue if you religiously check the traps, but still.

Just build a small house with the fish traps inside turning it to a fishery this will count as a second base with its own decay time

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