Fish and Crab Traps Disappear

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Build and lay 3 fish traps and one crab trap… log back in later and they are gone. happened on 2 different servers… just wanting to bring it to someone’s attention. :confused:
Repro steps:
1.Build 3 fish traps
2.Build 1 Crab trap
3.Align and set traps
4.Come back later to find them gone.

This used to happen to me on single player.
Disabling the building decay system resolved the issue. The system seems broken, fish traps were disappearing way too quickly.

Decay is supposed to be disabled by default on Decadent (Normal) mode, but it’s not.

I had same issue I then put foundation under water set traps on foundations problem solved traps don’t vanish any longer and seem to work fine I get full traps every time I log in. Hope this can work for you as well.

Hi, I know this is a PC report but this too is happening on Xbox. I’ve placed 3 fish and 3 shell fish traps in close proximity in two different bodies of water to have the same effect that after a day the disappear. No log for destruction and today there was an item bag where they were. Almost as though loading the area caused it. I will try the foundation fix. Pvp official server 2875

Put foundations down first then place traps on them. It fixes the decay rate on them. I play on Xbox I did this and problem fixed. have same traps for a week and always full when I log in. Hope this helps you as well