Fish Traps disappearing

Game mode: [Online | PVE Oceania ]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: Australia

my friends and i are at the point in the game where we require a tier 3 base, which is easy enough unless you leave out the Ichor (Spider drop) but there is another awesome way of getting this substance, the fish traps! all you do is cook unappetizing fish and you magically get ichor that helps make our base tier 3 but THE main problem here is that the fish traps De - Spawn. we have investigated this quite a lot and its not creatures or thralls destroying them. they just disappear. please give me some advice or a fix for this issues. getting ichor from spiders is like pulling teeth.

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Having the same issue before and after patch on PvP official servers USA

I’ve had the same problem with this as the fish and crab traps simply despawn. At first I thought it was players killing the traps but then other people on the server said they are experiencing the same issue.

Get a repair tool and check the decay time. If it’s low, it’s not close enough to your structures. Same thing happened to me and that’s when I learned about the decay system.

I thought that might have been the issue so I put the traps as close as I could to my home, and put a foundation down to put them down on first, and both the foundation and the traps disappeared , no messages in the log. The only time I’ve had traps not disappear is when I had a base actually in the water back in noob river when I first started