Fish traps keep dissapearing


Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: US

My fish traps keep disappearing on me. I am setting them up near school of fish stream by the jutting outlet by the shattered bridge.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.set traps
2. wait a few hours


I set up 10n fish traps and 10 shellfish traps up in the highlands in server 3728 pve and woke up today logged inline and all 20 are gone


Fish traps will last longer if placed on a foundation in the water. Equip your repair hammer and look at the decay time on your traps.


No these 10 disappeared within 24 hours I did not use them one timw


they could be broken by other players


Not on pve server 3782 The Roman empire we had almost 100 traps placed all disappeared in 24 hours we didn’t get any fish out at all