Fish traps Decaying

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: Bug
Region: [NA]

[The past few days whenever we place fish traps if we log off for several hours sleeping etc, we come back on and our fish traps are decayed and bags with the fish are left behind. I even tried using a repair hammer to see if there was a reduced decay timer and the window doesnt even show up.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Place fishtraps
2.Log off to sleep
3.Log on Fish traps Decayed

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I have the same problem they decay before I go the next day to collect them

Are you building these traps near one of your structures?

I had placed some fish traps in water about 1 minute walk from my base. The next day they were gone. Put up a small 1Ă—3 structure (with walls roof and a door) right next to the water then placed my fish traps again, near that structure. I have not lost them since.

You will need to enter the building to reset the decay timer. I do it ever other day, grab my fish enter the structure, put the fish in a press inside.

did you need a door? I would rather leave it open so no one blows it up lol

I dont know. Maybe?!?

Thats even more annoying. Who wants to build a base even a small one next to their fish traps just so they dont decay.

That’s the way the decay system works. You want fish traps… you have to be close to the water.

I could only image what it would look like with a small lake and hundreds of fish and shell fish traps choking the shallow ends. Oh and good luck finding your traps in that mess. How annoying.

Or even better one person filling one entire lake with all their fishtraps… preventing anyone from placing their own. Yup thats even more annoying.

Thats in pve right? If so couldnt you just take their fish out of the traps. They are not locked so it shouldnt be much of a issue. If this is a problem why are shellfish traps unaffected? My group placed both types in a river pretty far away from our base, and only the fish traps decay. the shellfish are unaffected. Also the traps decay naturally like every other structure if untended, so why are fish traps even when collected from every few hours till you log off the exception.

Nope, pve, all containers are locked.

As for which decay timer is correct (shellfish traps or fish traps) I have no idea… this game is still a buggy mess (come on funcom).

I just dont want a new type of land claim spam happening in game (pve side that is). Foundation and pillar is quite enough.

I would think the current issue of needing to build useless buildings to keep your traps from disappearing is more of the cause of spam claiming than placing alot of traps. do traps even have a claim radius?

I haven’t been having any problems with fish traps disappearing until last update now they keep disappearing at my old base that i got to at least ever other day. Today it was maybe 24hrs and there gone. The foundations are still there this time and i have a structure and shrine very close to them. The whole decay timer thing needs a huge revamp i understand the need for it but it sucks right now as it is.

I’ve never had a fish trap disappear, but some stop filling up, seemingly at random.

However, my building next to the fishtraps is not useless. I have 2 presses and one campfire in there to process the fish for oil and ichor. Instead of carrying raw mats, I carry back finished product.

As for the claim radius… I dont believe it is a large radius. There has to be something to keep others from building over your own traps.

As for needing a building, at least there is more effort, more materials to hold that spot. A few sticks and some twine shouldn’t be enough to claim land (or water) as your own.

Same thing happens to me I’ve tried with structures no structure. I’ve seen other people’s traps staying even when it says decayed the buildings they built go away but there fish traps stay

Well building the traps in or near a structure works, although it cant just be a foundation.though i hope they fix it soon.