Another fishtrap problem

How long will fishtrap stay after placed ? I put 20 fishtraps around 3 to 4 days ago, but just now when i wanted to gather the fish, the fishtrap were gone.

Imo fishtrap should have longer decay time because how if I my base is far from the water. Not only I have to put new ones everytime because it’s bugged but since it’s now fixed in testlive and will be fixed in the game, I will still face this problem, not living near water = fishtrap gone if not visited.

Found another similar thread, it will happen. Fishtrap should decay for longer with the same time period as our base.

I have no problems. But mine are close to my base. Why not make a little 2x2 hut near the fish traps? Include a press, chests, and a bonfire outside. This way you can process the fish locally and only bring the needed supplies home?

I have tried that but only foundations, 3x3 foundations only but no building though and still gone. If adding hut fixed my problem then I will try it again later.

It’s just that the place where I put them is kinda close to another player’s base and a no build zone, so the space is kinda limited.

I think I’ll have to repost this in suggestion section. I don’t know why people don’t find this as a problem, FISH are useful not only for ichor but for for oil (fuel) as well, and I’ve seen a lot of bases far from water. Maybe because fishtrap is buggy anyway, but later after fixed, I bet this will be the next problem for fishtrap.

Fishtrap should decay longer for people that have their bases far from water.

I’m not sure that I see the logic there. My base is a bit inland so I rely mostly on hunting for food. If you want fish specifically I agree with the above poster building a base… even a small one would be a good bet.

I had this problem but then built a small shack ( foundations, walls, roofs, door) next to my fish traps and the problem went away.

And I don’t see your logic seeing mine as wanting fish only for food while I’ve explained that I need the fish for ichor, which is needed for making hardened bricks, and also for oil.

The fact that people still need to build a hut or a shack is the more reason that fishtraps should decay for longer so people won’t need to claim more space than as needed. But if that’s the only solution then so be it. It’s just that I ever put 3x3 foundations last time, and it didn’t work, the foundations were gone too, havent tried with a hut though.

I’ll try to find the space to build then, because the water area that’s left isn’t that big, surrounded by a huge base and a no build zone.

Also It’s not yet a problem because currently there is the fishtrap bug, but since it’s about to be fixed next patch, it’s worth bringing this up so fishtrap will be more reliable and working forever without any hiccup. I’m also seldom playing CE now so prolonged decay time matters or else I’d have to replace fishtrap every few days unless I am online more frequent just to reset it.

Fair enough, I missed that part. Still part of the benefit of building near water is being close to the resource just as building in the mountains puts players close to resources such as coal, iron and so forth. If you give players a perk of having fish traps last longer because their base is inland then shouldn’t the waterfront property get harvesting bonuses from inland resources?

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it but I’ve been seeing lots of mentions of the fish system being bugged at the moment. It worked fine when I was playing in early access.

Fishtraps last longer isn’t actually a perk, it’s just to avoid building unnecessary hut just to prolong the fishtrap decay timer, why not directly makes fishtrap decay timer longer since ppl will build a hut anyway to prevent that.

I think this bug is kinda new since the discussions about it that I can find on google are mostly around May and there is also one that dated April. Haven’t digged deeper but it’s relatively new.

If ppl dont see fish as important then perhaps they dont need ichor that much(using black ice instead), or using wood as fuel.

I, for one, would be happier if fishtrap decays for longer time period so I can just reset every 5-6 days, the same with my base.

I think the fish traps should be nerfed. I agree on decay, but I got so much fish out of the traps that I had to make multiple trips to carry it all (standard server). Just seems unbalanced :slight_smile:

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