Decaying Animal Pen and fish traps near my base in one day

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

I built some fishing traps near to my base(like 5-10 meters), next day they gone.
I did it again, next day they gone.
Did it again but I put down foundations under them, next day they gone with the foundations aswell.
Well put down an Animal Pen aswell because why not, almost in the same location with some fish and Shellfish Traps, of course they gone, only one Shellfish Trap survived which is probably was the closest to my base.
I’m playing on a Pve-Conflict server. Event log says they changed decay state abandoned and decayed.
Sorry for my bad english.

Hello @MartinWalker, no worries, your english is great!

Did you try checking the decay timer of the fishing traps using the repair hammer?

There’s a good chance that, since these items are not close enough to your main base, their decay timer will be much shorter, thus causing the item to decay earlier than expected.

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Did they stay intially? I know building things too close to certain zones makes the item disappear from inventory and are not placed. I am guessing when you are too close to a settlement, tablet or NPC location.

I had the same issue because my nets were too far from my base, Istarted them on foundation and checking them once a day and haven’t had an issue since

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