Suggestion: Remove/change fish trap decay timer or bring back passive fishing

Overall, I’m enjoying the economy changes that the newest updates have brought about. One thing that’s become difficult to deal with is how fish traps now work and that cascading effect upon higher tier armors.

I don’t mind that the traps no longer passively catch fish. What I do mind is how quickly the fish decay within those traps. Oil has become such a precious commodity that instead of adventuring or actively harvesting materials for building, players now have to babysit traps to ensure the fish don’t decay before they can be transferred to the press.

I suggest the following:

  • Make traps passive with bait improving chances of catching better fish. Fish can still decay within the traps, but the traps won’t be empty. They could even be full of the least “profitable” fish.


  • Traps only work with bait, but the decay timer is extended to at least several game hours, if not a single game day (not real-world hours)


  • Traps only work with bait, but the decay timer is removed

Thank you for your consideration.


While I’m not finding oil production to be as much of a grind as others seem to (possibly because I’m also being lazy about getting alchemical base, so am just not really using higher tier armors as much as usual right now), I do think any one of your suggested changes would be an improvement.

Mostly I’m just finding that if I’m working around the base then every 10 minutes or so I go and empty the fish traps into the fluid presses and throw in more grubs from the compost heaps. If I’m away for a while, when I get back the fish traps are generally empty, but the compost heaps are fully loaded with grubs to start the cycle again. Like I say, it doesn’t feel like I’m working hard at it, but it can feel a bit like ‘baby sitting’, which could do with a bit of adjustment.

I’m not so sure your second option works quite so well - as I understand it, default game day is around 30 mins real world, while the fish already have a 30-45 minute spoil timer (apparently), so we probably already have something around the level of what you’re suggesting, but switch that to a couple of real world hours and it should work fine. But either of the other two options I can see working really well - they both fulfill some of what Funcom was apparently intending with the fish trap changes, while reducing the requirement to constantly be ‘working’ a resource that is mostly passive.


Removing the decay timer from the fish trap for fish only sounds like the best option


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