Thank you for fixing the decay rate

But it is a decaytime on them or not?

As or yesterday on Exiled Lands and Enhanced Fish Traps the answer is Yes.

I haven’t tried the regular ones since once you have enhanced there is no need for regular since those don’t give you the other fish that gives bonus.

But again, yes they do decay

So I think I figured it out, and its a bug.
These traps I use have been here forever, so I made a new one and put it in the water next to the old ones. I then put 10 grubs in one old one and 10 in the new one.
I checked back on the traps in one hour and there were 10 fish in the old one but only 2 in the new trap. I also noticed that the timers on the fish were all under an hour in both traps when I highlighted each fish.
So what is happening with the old traps is the timers aren’t triggering until you highlight or take the fish. Once you do that the normal timers start counting down, which means they will still rot in the press. I just never bothered pressing as I have a ton of oil from alchemy.
You can confirm this by using an old un-enhanced fish trap. Toss in some bugs but don’t trigger the timers and leave it for 24 hours. I don’t think anyone has 'old" fishtraps on Siptah, so it will only work on CE.


Thanks! The ones I have on 1823 should be old enough to test this out, at least I hope so! :slight_smile:

One thing seems clear: we need to keep whining at Funcom to do something about the decay rate of the fish in the traps, because it produces a really notable loss of fish.

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I started a series of test on both Siptah and Exiles map on official servers with both improved fish traps and regular on the Exiles map, for Siptah I could only test the regular since the recipe for improved fish traps is more than hard to get there :slight_smile:

Base and location for test: 1 base on exile map near oasis of Nekhet, 1 base on Siptah on the island of Threa in bottom left corner and 1 base near Asura’s bassin in east part of island.

It didn’t matter if it was improved or regular fish traps and map/location also didn’t matter, all fish decayed and at the same speed…

Unappetizing Fish = 20 minutes decay time (40 mins according to wiki)
Savory Fish = 30 minutes decay time (60 mins according to wiki)
Exotic Fish = 40 minutes decay time (90 mins according to wiki)

I’m not sure about the decay time shown on the wiki is, it may be for what they were before the economy update, but one thing I am fairly certain about is that it doesn’t matter what tier of fish traps or map you use, the decay time is the same :slight_smile:

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So you actually “triggered” the decay timers by highlighting the fish in the traps? Try just throwing some regular bugs in a regular trap and just leave it for 24 hours.

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Forgot to mention that I actually did that on a fish trap last night, but only in the exile map base near oasis, and yes it was empty when I logged in today :slight_smile:

Well, my solution is to not really worry about it, since I don’t need fish for oil. I had just assumed FC lowered the decay rate, but apparently it is some kind of bug, and I am not getting paid to fix bugs.

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For S&G’s I redownload CE on my PS4, logged into my old PvE server and gathered enough materials to build a fishtrap.

The decay timer on fish in pre-siptah Conan Exiles is one hour.

One entire hour per fish.

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