Large unused water well


It’s no secret that in the old days this big pit was used to raise fish, nowadays it’s a useless item that has no more uses, funcom could release this big pit so we can raise fish and shellfish, the idea would be the following: you capture two specimens of the species you want and place them to reproduce in this large well, along with that we could use bone meal to feed the fish, or create some kind of feed using this flour that we accumulate so much and it is not very useful.


large. expensive. difficult to access. difficult to place.

if it was shaped in such a manner as to allow it to be merged with buildings, I’d use it more frequently. I’d prefer it broken up into building components that when assembled counts as a well:

. Using a combination of square and wedge shapes, allow the building of custom shaped ‘baths’ which by adding the boom and bucket converts the contiguous pieces into a ‘well’…

lofty idea, but i expect never to be realized outside mods.

it’s a good idea, but in question I meant to give life to an item that nowadays is no longer useful, in the past all the bases had this well, because it was a great way to create fish

I agree, though I never used it for fish. i was illustrating issues I perceive with the large well beyond the loss of use as a fishery in the high desert.

It is expensive compared to the more compact well.
it is difficult to access for water
it takes up considerable space
it does not fit with the existing build system (an octogon)
and of course, it can no longer be used as a fish farm. (which likely was the only redeeming feature)


It would have more of a use if not all water was safe to drink.


yes, compared to the common well it is horrible, that’s why it is a dead item in the game, because why would you have a giant well if you can have a small one with the same function? on the server that I play many used to catch fish, and of course the issue of the desert, if a person wants to catch fish he will be forced to go close to some place with water just to catch some fish, and we could have a fish tank to collect, and also create a ration with bone meal

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in question I think a fish tank would be ideal for this well

Very good idea. It is true that it is rather an overpriced decorative object. Right now I’m trying to look for that kind of constructive idea :slight_smile:

compared to the other smaller well, you are unable to put one of these in your house, it has practically become a useless item, due to its size it would behave as a tank to raise fish using bone meal which is another little used item, in this way it would feed the fish and they would do breed.

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Worst thing about these wells is they often suck in T3 bases.
There should be variant that fit other T3 materials like Khitan, Stormglass and nemedian.

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Another one of those design decisions that we hoped would have dividends later that never happened.


so, I think they had to remanufacture this item and make it as a fish tank for free, and they could release different ones in the bazaar too, or in the battle pass

Some items lose their use over years because of mechanic changes. It was not logical to have fishes in the size of a shark or tuna fish from this water well either. A large water well, is a large water well not a fishing lake. The only mechanism that would “bring back to life” this item and the feed pots would be an indication with the status of your clan. In order to have a number of thralls and pets you need one water well or a large one and the same could happen with the feeding pots. If you need more thralls and pets, then more pots and wells and sovit goes on. You wouldn’t have to see them eating from them or even see food in their inventory, the pots would just empty amd you had to fill them back. As long as you kept the clan status bar green, you wouldn’t have problems. If your clan status was red you would randomly loose thralls and pets from starvation. This way, if someone abandon the game, his-her population would die before the building decays.
But because sometimes things happen in real life and you have to leave gaming for some days, the way it is right now it’s really good.

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I think this well is big for a certain “X” amount of fish inside it, you can already notice a large size on the ground, and people raise fish for consumption even in buckets, imagine in a well this size :rofl:, in terms of minions they die of hunger and disappear I think it would not be a good idea, it would have more problems than Conan already has, I think there should be a system where you have at least 3 to 4 hours of game per week so that your base is whole and not deteriorate, now with 480 hours there are many toxic players who abuse the construction system.

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On a certain aspect, I like this proposal.
Only thing is that it would get annoying on the long distance.

It could work if the Thralls would actually … well, work.
Our characters are supposed to be kings, or something very close to that: they have slaves, why should THEY work ?

Some thralls should be hunters, other gatherers … cooks should automatically produce food (consuming resources other thralls bring) for the whole army.

I mean, having the player do this may be cool for a while, but it will become tiresome after some time. Other than being quite pointless since there are Thralls that could/should work.

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Once, when the game started fishing was very important and vital. After awhile, fishing became game breaking, since the best buffs, oil and ichor was coming from fishing traps. So in order to allow building all over the map these wells had really vital reason especially in pvp. I always had at least 5 of them in my clan. Hopefully (i will explain my self) fishing is not necessary.
Why hopefully? Fishing created domestication in pve servers. People didn’t even go 100 meters away from their houses.
Not to mention that the mount of dead (omg with this area, always problematic) was full of fish traps from several clans, you just couldn’t walk under the obelisk :man_facepalming:.
Sorry for going pf topic @Geee but i really love fishing, not with traps however. I love to see spear fishing in game, fix some stone spears, take my breathing mask and potions and go to the sunken city or the depths of Siptah and fish with my stone spears. Playing for awhile strunded deep, the most relaxing thing was to jump in the ocean and fish. But make some fishes aggressive too :wink:, to have suspense you know :rofl:

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is that in these we are Exiles, in the lore of the game the exiles are very weak, I consider that we are the strongest exiles :rofl:, in terms of this it is something relative and I believe that with time some changes may come,

reminds me Medival Dynasty

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yes old players know how important this well was once, not anymore, I wanted to bring it to life mainly for this purpose, many traps scattered around the map, because we don’t have a tank in our own house, if a person lives far from water he you have to go look for it and end up polluting the map, I like the practicality because it would be a faster collection than fishing with spears, you know? and I also use the blue fish a lot for some types of slaves that I want to get agility, and they eat the fish quickly so it ends quickly, currently I have 4 bases, and I am removing one from the river, next to the bastion of the Gods why these areas are being very disputed, you know? and it’s not cool to have very close bases because of performance and purge

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