Replace large well with fishery pool and other base water ideas

The Large well is not functional and a huge waste of space (it’s not even good looking and the DLC fountains are far better looking and function the same). I urge the dev team to remove it (but keep the smaller well) and replace it with a fishery pool. It’s near identifical (minus that tall boom and keep the vertical footprint to 1 foundation high) but you can’t drink from it. What you can do is place fish traps in it. So yes it’s regressing back a bit but my argument is the large well serves no purpose but to put fish traps in it. I agree the fish traps balanced on a the small well was exploiting but I can’t see any real function to the large well that the small well wouldn’t do outside of the ability to farm fish. There has to be a benefit to that beast of a placeable.


Better yet…how about the ability to have a water piece (sort of like Minecraft) where it’s a foundation size amount of water that is only maintained if it’s surrounded by building material (IE no ground) but foudnations, ceilings and walls hold it in place. Not only would this provide fishery ability but also give us option for moats.


why shouldn’t you be allowed to drink from it? doesn’t make sense

Because it’s a fishery and that water would be nasty…we would all be playing Oregon Trail and dying of Dysentery. How about you can drink from it but gives you food poisoning effect?

so you are ok with eating meat from animals that you killed with poison blades or drink water at mounds of the dead, which basically is a standing mud pool littered with decaying corpses, but want the fish poopl to give you poisoning? :smiley:

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You can also drink the water in that sulfuric lake that has all the brimstone pillars lol. I always found that hilarious.

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Me too. Also the sea water, if you’re swimming near the pirates.

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