Fish Farm or the ability to add fish baskets to Large Wells

While its nice living on a river. It would be even nicer if you could implement a fish farm since you can’t put fish baskets in large wells for the desert/highland/snow/volcano dwellers. I’d rather have a building close to my main base then have to build several bases just to utilize fish baskets.

You can place fish traps on large wells! In my large well I was able to place around 8 fish traps and 8 crab traps!


I tried. couldn’t get them to place. Dunno if having the well on foundations had anything to do with it. They physcially wouldn’t go in.

Ok it was the foundations that made it so i couldn’t put them in. Just plopped one down in a new well

They are tricky.
I find if you cant place them, leave and do something else for a while then come back and try. Usually this works for me.

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Same here. I waited until the next day, then it worked perfectly.

For some reason though, one of those wells vanished… o.o

It would still be nice at lower levels say around the time you get a fluid press that you have the ability to create a fish farm. Large well isn’t till 49. Yeah i know it doesn’t take long to get to that level if you play all the time.

Yeah I agree. There is a lot of things missing in this game that you would logically do. Can build map room but can’t farm fish among many other things.

Hopefully they address these thing.

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