PSA: Fish traps not working

If you’re having problems with fish traps not filling; try placing them on a foundation.

Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but It seemed to fix it for me.


I had a similar problem, except my traps were just disappearing. All I had to do was create a little fishing hut near by. The traps seem to need to be inside your build radius to not de-spawn. Of then I log on today to half of my farmed mats and thralls missing, for no reason. Too many bugs and I’m pissed I can’t get my money back for this “release game”. This is a beta build at best.

Could be you got raided? Either by players or “The Purge”.

Placing traps near you building place seems to be the way to do it.

Mine don’t disappear, though sometimes they are hard to find, but they DO stop collecting fish after a while. The fish trap, and the shellfish one. I hadn’t tried the foundation thing, but mine were already near a house.

PC, rented private server from g-portal, raid enabled, purge enabled, my fish traps and crab pots are working perfectly fine at the bottom of a river.

How are they supposed to work? I haven’t used one yet.

Mine have functioned since placed. I have 5 of them in an enclosed “fish house” placed on the riverbed partially above the surface between two rows of foundations with one end open to the river.

I did not know that. Thanks for answering! Much appreciated!

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