Fishtraps/shellfish traps, water wells and fountains

It is known these things dont work for months, they stop working every server restart. Mine always break but I have heard (and seen) others working just fine and decided to do some tests.

I thought maybe problems could be linked to natural resource despawn radius every structure has, and seems like this is indeed the case. I successfully made a water well continue working after the latest server restart by placing it still inside my claimed area range, but far enough so its outside the natural resource despawn radius.

Im positive fish traps suffer from the same problem, thats how some people manage to keep them working even tho they didnt understand why.


That is a very nice find. That also explains why my fish traps refused to work without any bait.

It is funny that bee hives and statues of refreshments do not have this issue.

All traps and wells are working fine for me, as long as I align them to the ground. If they are not aligned to the ground and the ground isnt flat, the trap is not working and the well wont refill.

Good find, I’ll report this information to the team :slight_smile:

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