Fish Traps (and possibly Beehives)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

Fish traps have a bug where some will only catch fish one time after being placed, requiring you to make new ones. There have also been similar reports with the Beehives from players on my server, though I’ve not tested that one myself.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find spot to place fish traps in water
  2. Wait a bit then loot fish traps then wait again
  3. ???
  4. Lack of profit

Can confirm lack of delicious fishes on my server. We have multiple fish and shellfish traps not producing anything.

We are also experiencing a mead shortage due to bees not coming to beehive.

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Looks like this has occurred with my beehive. Produced a lot of honey day one - now has stopped.

This actually happens also with lootable chests in the set city. Sometimes the loot does not respawn and the chest stays empty until you restart the server.

Can confirm that the beehives and the fish/crab traps do not produce after first harvest. The only thing that SOMETIMES helps is a server restart. This has been a problem since they were first introduced. I really wish they would address this problem. The only other way we have helped players on our server is to place loot boxes with either more fish traps and beehive items in the boxes for them to break and loot or to restart the server multiple times. Neither of which is a long term solution.

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Water Well as well

I thought they fixed this with the last update, but before the fix, you had to place the fish traps on foundations. I have not tried this for the beehive.

Make sure you server is also patched to the current version. This bug SHOULD have been fixed last week and is working on our server (vanilla settings).

No its not on my private server.
only if I replace them, they empty out by them selves.
Game is still Beta I think with al the bugs and purge borked.

I have put fish traps on slabs and they are currently working, however, beehives on slabs produce honey until the hive is filled and then stops. Water wells are also not filling up. I need to test with a well on a slab to see if it fills up or not.

Suffering from same issue on fish traps and beehives on our dedicated server.

We learned recently that if you leave fish or honey in one of the inv slots, it will continue to produce. Both are on foundations, if that even matters.

destroy the chests …

Don’t take all the honey leave some in first spot on the left the rest will fill up or always take from the right first.

I have no problem with beehives (small ones) and fish trap or shellfish traps at all on official pve conflict server at my base at Trapper’s Cabin and in the lake there. I empty them regulary and they filling up again. I use no foundations for the the fish/shellfish traps, only beehives are on foundations.
Wells also work for me, i have one in the volcano and it fills up, but i have seen ppl on same server that joined recently that have dry wells, dunno why, but maybe if you place this after last patches it have problems, mine was placed over a month ago or so. Or it can be in some areas that have problems.

this is an issue with all “over time harvesters”. fishtraps, wells, beehives, planters etc.

depending on how you loot them they bug out and need to be picked up and replaced (or broken and recreated on official). esp if you loot all they seem to be prone to bug out, so i just take half of the stacks and pray. :confused:

My fishtraps disappear as soon as I exit and reload. Been going on for weeks now.

Fixed on Test Live