Fishing traps dont work or just 1 times

fishing traps dont work somehow - ppl try to put them on foundation sometimes this fixes the problem and somethimes not - now i ve build traps on foundation and still it catches 1 times - all traps are empty now - if i rebuild a few they will catch fish 1 times then i ve to rebuild them to catch more fish

i am not sure if the problem is related by map location or server issue

i ve seen traps with fish in and after server reset there was nothing in it

would be nice if u fix this problem

confirmed EU official 1052

It will stop working every time the server goes down because then the server will restart. I’ve ever checked it myself, the server went down and when I tried to log back in, the server didn’t appear in the server list. After then it appeared and when Iogged back in, my fishtrap no longer caught fish.

Also confirmed for single player game.

It’s funny how modder can fix this faster than the devs even though it wouldn’t be that hard for people like them making something like this, they created the game afterall, but for some unknown reason, they can’t or won’t be bothered with fixing bugs even though I’m sure they’re aware of this.

They delivered like 33 content updates so far, can’t they just stuff in bugfixes periodically along with content updates ? It really boggles my mind how can they let a good game infested by bugs. It’s like a five star hotel infested by cockroaches and the owner is fine with it and keep adding room and decoration instead of getting rid of the cockroaches, really funny.

The fact that the 500 bugfixes is kinda late since most of the bugs are longstanding bugs since EA kinda explains it though. No wonder people give bad reviews (me included) even though some of them even played the game for hundreds of hours. Fixing bugs is as important as adding features, players can get frustrated by one bug and it compounds with the next next bug and so on until they can’t take it anymore. The frustration outweighs the fun.

short update:

beehive, fountain, fishing traps are working


every objet will start switched off after server restart
u may have noticed oven always switched off after server restet - here happens the same

this can easy be fixed by a simple skript that will start the objects

This is fixed on TestLive.

we thought this was a singleplayer issue where the traps stopped woeking because we build too close to them (aka we thought the fish despanwed)

nice - so we can hope to get this fix in next patch?

placed about 28 on 2 different servers, they are working fine for the past week or so… so idk what the problem is