Fountains, wells, bee hives, fish traps dont work after first spawn

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: In game all over, out of game US.

[the fish traps are cheap and can be remade but the wells arent cheap and do not fill with water.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make a well, a bee hive, a fish trap, any thing that should respawn over time to make a resource
  2. Loot the first amount of items created.
  3. Return to the bee hive, fish trap, fountain, well
  4. Nothing in any of them ever after the first removal of goods.

I never had that problem with a well, but the only one I’ve built was right next my base. As to the fish traps, the easiest way to keep them filling is to put down some foundations and put them on the foundations. In the water, of course, this can also keep them nice and level, and easy to spot.
When I first started I put my traps way out in the water, under water, and I had to swim around looking for them, it was awful when they stopped filling up. Now I put down a couple of foundations, just under the surface, and line them up.
Never built a beehive, I suspect they are all related to the claim radius. (like 20’)

Same problem here, it’s a shame this broken my game.

I did exactly that with 10 fish traps and 10 shell fish traps. I was able to harvest 1 time from each of them and since then not one of them has fish or shellfish to collect. I put 20 of each on the ground nearby and they are overflowing with food. Definitely a bug. - XBOX - PRIVATE GPORTAL SERVER - NO MODS - DEFAULT SETTINGS on everything.

Now I built a new base and they stop working immediately after one spawn. The ones at my old base still work, but I’ve rebuilt 5 times at my new base and the only ever give me fish one time. :frowning:

How often do you restart your server? I have mine set on a daily restart schedule and I have not had this issue since.

I have also just started to experience this but it’s only my bee hives in my garden.
My base is on an island and my fish traps are all at the far end of my little bridge, they work 100%. I only have 4 and 3 shellfish traps.
My bee hives are actually withinin my garden walls, underneath the ledges and stairs of my living quarters.
I actually had bee hives in the same spot on a PvP official server and they worked 100%. On PvE official they stopped working.

Since I do backups almost every day (or every other day), the server is restarted each time. The fish traps/shellfish traps on the foundation blocks in water deep enough to be placed only caught fish/shellfish once.

I have two locations where I have fish traps on foundations, with the traps sticking about half out of the water, they refill all the time. One location where I’ve rebuilt multiple times [ at various depths] and if the trap is on, or too near, a foundation I only get one load. Traps placed nearby, along the shore, fill up repeatedly, but only if they aren’t too far from a foundation. I’ve started trying to build foundations out in the water to extend my line of traps along the shore. This is just so inconsistent.

Based on what I have read here on the forums, it may be an issue where the traps and beehives don’t produce after the first time when the are within or to close to your buildings. I built over the portion of a river next to a cliff. I am going to test this next time I play Exiles. I have also had a problem where the fish won’t process to become oil after the first time my “press” (I forget the name of the station) produced oil.

My fish traps are under a ceiling supported by foundation columns stacked 4 high. My shell fish traps are catching food fine and are not under cover.

Update I picked up my fish traps and moved them away from my building and they are catching fish again, but not everyday or consistently. They are working now, however only a few fish in a day when some are caught, 2-6 fish.