PC Bugs Wells, Traps, Bee Hives

Water wells not replenishing
Fishing Traps not replenishing
Bee Hives not replenishing
Mitra well not replenishing


Ok discoverd that wells must be outside of a base now, can not be in an inclosed base even if on bare ground.
the rest, the beehives, fishtraps, and mitra well still not replenishing

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My well is outside and it stops replenishing after every server restart. 100% of the time.
Fish traps stop working randomly.
Haven’t kept an eye on my beehive so I can’t report on that.

For us also
Beehives have stopped producing. (placed inside base)
Fish traps stop producing randomly, have not found a pattern.

Ok our well works now that we put it completely outside the base and walls.
The same with the bee hives.
and fish traps are working after we replaced them all a third time.
The Mitra water fountain still does not replenish inside the base .

Work fine for me and my clan over 3 day on private multiplayer serveur.
Event after restart of server

wells was inside our base, on second floor.
fish trap were far away

Water wells not replenishing
Fishing Traps not replenishing
Bee Hives not replenishing
Mitra well not replenishing

They are all not replenishing after few moment later.
no matter in or not in the base for just put in random place.

On a private server on PC:

Out of 9 fish traps I put down near each other 1 of them constantly only catches 1 fish.
I have one beehive, which only produced a full hive of honey once and every since it now produces just one honey. Recently I made 3 improved beehives and within about 24 hours they’re all now just producing 1 honey maximum. 1 of the improved beehives it outside and all of the other beehives are inside and there has been no difference between what they produce.

Same here, private server, after reboot all of the above stop working 100% of the time, have to replace them each time which is not convenient with the resource multiplicator.

I’m pretty sure the fish traps have been “randomly” shutting down as well and were empty as well.

I can confirm every one of these issues.
I know you hate to do this because I hate to do it too.
I have to dismantle them, make new ones and set them down.
Even that is not persistent, they will bug out.

same thing happening on my private server.

agree, works again after every restart.

Can confirm this bug… The water well works for a few hours and then doesn’t work ever again.
Apparently a server restart could be the cause for it to stop working sometimes.

Water well bug is back. Never had this issue in early access. Ever since new combat and then new biomes… Went to hell.

Yes very annoying… for me the well only stops working after server restart. The fish trap and beehive stops working when they get full but they get fixed after restart.

Guess my server just restarted cause we are having the same issue…

Also does someone know if Funcom comments on this forum for bugs that are currently being logged and worked on?

same here, wells need still be replaced to make them work again, same with fishtraps. If i pick them up and move them only slightly, they work again one mal, then stops again. Sane for beehives.

Mitra-fountain not tested yet.

I think it is the update from may 25 that broke fish traps.
I placed one fish trap before that update and it works ok, another that i placed later got some fish only once and does not refill.

I made a mod that attaches a component to beehives and prints out some status stuff every 30 seconds. I noticed that for each hive, there are actually two actors. On a freshly placed hive, you’ll see both with an active timer, but one will have the hasBeenPlaced set to true and the other will be false.

Restart the server and one of the hive actors goes away, but it’s the one that was hasBeenPlaced == true. So the hives are there, the timers to make new honey are running. You can fill every inventory slot and make the timer turn off, take an item and make it turn back on, but because hasBeenPlaced is false, no honey comes out.

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A workaround that works for me (single player) is to leave some fish in the fish trap.
Putting fish in a trap that has already bugged out does not fix it.