Not Replenishing! (Water Wells, Fishing Traps, Bee Hives, Mitra)

Game mode: Private Testlive & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

No matter on Server or Singleplayer, Some of the objects not working anymore after a few moment replenish.

  • Water wells not replenishing
  • Fishing Traps not replenishing
  • Bee Hives not replenishing
  • Mitra well not replenishing

They all seems working for first few hours but no anymore, I have wait 3 days already even try to build in or not in the base, search other player / clan’s not even work.
you have to fix this otherwise how are we to produce resources and play though?


Same problem on my dedicated hosted server. Looks like this has been an issue for a month or more now.

This is happening in my game also. I’m playing single player on the PS4. It’s pretty game breaking in my opinion since the it’s impossible to build and maintain your base far away from a water source.

Observed the same bug on server and SP.
The fact is that they stop working after server- or game restart. Then you will have to pick them up, and replace them again in order to make them work again. They will work fine, but at the next restart, same old song, and you will have to replace them again and again.

The good thing is that you can pick-up all these structures, and have not to craft them again. But it’s timeconsuming and frustrating. Also the fishtraps and beehives will give you less if they stop all the time, that’s a fact.

Hope there will be a right fix soon for all that.