Bee Hives, and water wells not refilling

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [NA]

[As the titles says. They both have glitched and give 0 water and honey]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Make a bee hive and water well
4.waiting… still nothing. :wink:

Still love your game guys. People are picky AF these days, and I appreciate the uniqueness of this game so much. Im willing to overlook the bugs and still play.

They work on official. Are you running on a modded server?

Have same problem started after latest server update and restart (server has all updates as of 2018-07-19)
Everything worked before that.
Game mode: [Online (self hosted server, no mods)]
Problem: [ Bug ]

[Statue of Refreshment, wells, beehives, fish traps don’t refill after server update]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make one of above mentioned structures and place it (empty it).
  2. Structures work as intended.
  3. Update/restart server
  4. Wait
  5. No refill no matter how long you wait.

Breaking and placing affected structure again seems to fix problem (until next server restart?)
Breaking and replacing structures cost materials.

Same here. I just destroyed them because I got annoyed.
Game needs to go back to Early Access IMO.

It’s a pain. Every time the server restarts, the things stop working. The only way around it is to either rebuild the items or, if you’re not on an official server, use the Pickup+ addon to pick the things up and put them back down again.

No, not on a modded. Its a private server. It worked when it was placed. After the server restart. It stopped working.

Ive never played EA. I thought EA was worse though? I should probably not take steam reviews as credible. lol

Ahh ok. Well, its a private server thats not modded. I should tell the server owner.

It was worse from what I’ve heard but still this game shouldn’t be considered “done” and published openly.