Water Well empties and won't refill

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America]

Every time I log off my singleplayer game and return to it afterwards my water well is completely empty and will not refill. I then have to build another one and that will fill up and continue to refill when used throughout my time logged in; once I log off again and return to my game it’ll be once again emptied and be completely useless. I’m seeing a lot of bugs on this game besides just this that aren’t being addressed as well and it’s disappointing

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make water well
  2. Log off then back on
  3. Water well will be empty and wont refill
  4. Repeat

Hey, This issue still obviously hasn’t been fixed and is extremely annoying. I have also noticed the same kind of issue with the bee hives and the fish traps not filling at all. Having to rebuild things each time you log in is soooo irritating. Please sort this Funcom!

It’s a pretty high priority currently to get corrected. We know it’s an issue with wells, beehives, and fish traps. They seem to stop refilling after a server restart. :frowning:
Sorry for the trouble but rest assured that we’re addressing it and will fix this ASAP!


For what it’s worth, I’m on PS4 and have two small wells that have been refilling fine for a couple of months now. One is built on the ground and the other is built on square sandstone foundations. The well I built two days ago however quit refilling yesterday. It is built on a full hexagon of sandstone wedge foundations.

Fish traps are hit and miss for me. I only fish one area. Some traps have required replacement while others have been working fine. I haven’t observed a definite pattern to this.

I play on an official pve-c server.

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I have placed 6 water wells in various locations around my base. They have all stopped filling with water. Now, my improved beehive is not making honey anymore. I have seen people reporting this problem a year ago way before the full release. I am not hopeful that this issue will be resolved anytime soon. Please prove me wrong. Thank you.