Water well not filling

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. build a water well in the volcano, even put in a heat resist room
  2. log out and wait around 24 hours or server reset
  3. watch as it never refills, when first placed it fills and stays full all day long even if you drink it dry, log out and bug happens and never fills up, on my fourth well testing this kinda major proglem with the already horridly high temp in the volcano

Geez this bug is infesting water well too now ??? It’s been known to fishtrap, apiary, and mitra statue of refreshment, it wont work after a server restart.

Mine is still working though.

This is a strange one… it’s only some wells that don’t work and it switches around, so one day my well in the main base is not working and the next day it’s working but now the one in my outpost is not :ghost:

I am having the same problem as well. If i place a new well it will fill until the server reset. This is on official pve server.

bump, still happening

We are aware and the bug is being worked on with high priority. It is however harder to squeeze then it seems. Closing this thread.

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