Fix the water Wells please!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Europe]

Please fix the waters Wells I’ve experienced this on both online and single player that none of the Wells fill up at all. They just stay empty.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue??

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make water well - either crafted or through admin on foundations

I have the same issue. On Xbox, playing solo, no foundations involved.
Finally built a well, placed it on the ground inside my base area, and it doesn’t work. Go up to it and hit x to use and nothing happens.
The 1st time I held x to open its option menu and tried to use it, I did unlock the journey for drinking from it, but that’s it. I didn’t actually drink from it tho. Was still just as thirsty. I’ve never been able to drink from it or use it to fill my water sack, if that’s even possible.
Inside it’s never filled with water. You just see the sand it was placed on at the same ground level.

Its an issue they know about and are working on fixing…they’ve been working on it for a long time…

We had a well not filling either and as it’s expensive to make when you are starting out in the game, we replaced it with a Mitra fountain.
The first one I placed in the same location of the small well also did not fill. I destroyed it and waited until after a server restart until I placed another. This one now fills and refills … this is on a pc official PvE server. Not sure if destroying your well then logging out of the game and back in on a single player game would be equivalent to a server restart.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I’m still pretty early in and haven’t come across the Mitra teacher yet.

Thanks, I didn’t realise its been an issue for a while. I hadn’t seen any posts about it before and I’m fairly new to the game.
It’s also annoying to use the mitra fountain anyway because it lags the game quite a bit and doesn’t have a large capacity.

It’s a complex issue that’s been around for a bit now. It is something Funcom has been working on but just haven’t been able to yet squash.

I know this is ps4, but I think there is a mod that fixes wells, only pc I’m afraid.

Like Bethesda did for Skyrim and Fallout, despite the lack of freedom over it, I would love to see more games like Conan to allow for mods on console. Esspecally as there are so many that can fix issues like this easily.
If only I could afford a gaming PC.

I am not sure, but I think if they have to certify content for ps4 and Xbox, it would take too Long for mods, or maybe mods are just not supported by ps4?

Yeah a number of different games allow mods that our downloaded from the games website and brought across that way. It means that the website can monitor the mods to make sure they dont include perticualr things. For Skyrim and Fallout though they don’t allow custom assets which has been the issue on PS4.

That is the issue then, most mods modify or include new assets, which ps4 might consider hacking or something like that, thus not allowing them on that platform. Doesn’t make much sense to me regarding piracy, but to each his own. I am no modmaker but if you change platform maybe a mod needs to be reworked or something to be able to work on consoles?

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