No Fish Today anyone

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Since Monday its been Hit or miss Tuesday I had fish.
Today and Monday none.
Replaced all yesterday and had fish.

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Same here.
I had 17 working traps yesterday. Now none are collecting fish.

Crazy Huh ExN

Yeah it is. I need exotic shellfish for the Feasts of Derketo.
My Goddess is going to get pissed.


The current “fix” is, to not empty all the fish out. Leave at least 1 inside.
Same goes for the beehives. Don’t empty them out entirely.

Although I’m not sure if it works with the traps you already emptied out and refill them now…

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My beehives keep working after being emptied.
New traps that were never touched are not accumulating fish.

Since those 17 stopped working, I built a few more. They don’t work either.
I even built them in a different body of water in case this river was all fished out.

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I made new ones now they got fish and shellfish.
Thanks Meq for the tip.

Have anyone of you checked the server/game logs? Maybe there’s some clue as to what happens in there :thinking:

My fish traps are all working… at least they were until yesterday :fearful:

Thanks Mequiadore,
Your suggestion is true.

Sorry Meq they never filled up anymore so put down new ones again,another bug.
What else is new

my fishtraps fills one mal, then i have to pick-up them and replace them again to make them work a second mal. For me at the moment the only way to get my desired fish.

Same problem with the beehives. And often the waterwells. The funny thing with the wells is, that i can replace one, and all wells on my server work again.

I got fish from all my traps a few hours ago. You sure someone else hasn’t been stealing your fish?

yes, i’m sure, because it’s also replicable in SP.
The problem is here in SP and on server.

Look at your traps in a while after you grabed the fish the first mal. When i set up traps, i have still one mal fish in it after a while. But they will never replenish again like intended, for that i have to pick-up them, and replace them at 1m or so in order to make them work again.

And yes, it’s a game with bugs occurring for some and not for others, that’s also a fact. :slight_smile:

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