Apparently no fish

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***So, my fish traps are all empty after a couple days, and after a couple days of farming I have 0 bugs. So no more fish in game?

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They were bugged in Testlive, so that if you used bugs in them, they’d stop producing fish after the bait ran out. If you made a fish trap and never put bait in, they would gather fish automatically, just fine.

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Not sure what type of server the OP is on … however I tested a fish trap with handful of insects on a live server (official, pve, oceanic) - I removed all the fish then placed 6 “handfuls of insects” into it and it showed a queue to generate 6 unappetising fish. I returned to it after a short time (10-20mins?) and it had generated a savoury fish and the queue was still present. I returned about an hour later …the handfuls of insects had been consumed and I had 15 unappetising fish, 1 exotic fish and some savoury fish.
Note: this fish trap had been placed after the 7July “mother of all patches” but before this recent patch (#34 introducing baiting)

Have not found a fat grub yet to test in it yet.

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Traps on our server that never had bugs used as bait in them (and that used to produce copious amounts of fish) are no now longer generating any fish at all. Empty everywhere since the hotfix.

EDIT: Destroying the old traps and placing new ones seems to cause fish to be caught again.


the bug with fish traps not filling does seem inconsistent … all my traps had been placed after the 7July mother of all patches PC update …before & after this latest patch they worked with no issues… I cleared them completely and they refilled as per normal. However other people are reporting them not filling.

My fish traps, both old and new, are still filling up post-patch. Official server, (obviously) no mods.

For me, new traps were filling normally. Now they are completely empty (likely since server reset). So far old (placed before patch) traps are working fine.

After the patch on official server 1820 PVE-C, fish traps stopped working. I replaced all the traps and they worked for a day, same thing. I added no bugs or other bait. To be clear, I have about 20 traps, and the all stopped working after the working for 1 day. I’ll assume they stopped working after the server restart at downtime.

They aren’t difficult to make and place, but we’re dependant on the oil. I’ll place them again today in the hopes we get enough fish to stock up some oil. /crossfingers

The new fish traps I placed after the patch to replace the old ones that stopped working have now stopped working after a server restart… :frowning:

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It looks like you have to destroy and replace your fish traps after every harvest. I don’t know if that’s how its intended, but that’s how its working.

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Same here on 1823 I put down 14 new traps as I was leaving 3 had 1 fish each after next day 0

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