Fish Trap no longer populste after initial Harvest

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Fish Traps no longer work after initial harvest. In order to gain any more fish new traps need to crafted and placed. Old fish traps should be removed since they are no longer work

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft a Fish trap
  2. Place in water. Depth of water doesnt seem to matter
  3. Wait for fish to populate trap
  4. Remove trapped fish
  5. Wait and observe that no fish are now populating Fish Trap.
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If you come across this bug, please type “confirmed” in the comment to flag issues to dev.


Can I also type “unconfirmed”, because this works for me fine. I catch fish all the time. Official EU server #1052


I confirm it, but I don’t know what “tap confirmed” means, so I write it here.

I have a similar problem, The fishtraps that i made a couple of weeks ago works fine, but if i make a new one it will work the day i place it, but is completely empty the next day. This could be because of server restart every morning. (server: #2 [70p-PvE-Conflict-Relax-1x])

It´s fixed in the next patch. Same for Wells.

My fish traps just disappear when I log off. So no fish for me.

Confirmed, I have this issue on 1587. Same problem with wells and beehives as well.

I have same issues on Private server. Have to pickup and replace, wells, beehives and fishtraps to get it working again.

Confirmed on an official pve-c server. For me, Crab and Fish Traps on foundations or placed on the ground do not repopulate after initial harvest. frustrating! :frowning: I even tried moving to different locations and shallow water vs deep. Same result.

Confimed on official pve-c server.
If you take all the fish from traps they no longer fill after reboot.

If you leave some fish inside they dont get broken, wierd uh ?

Yep, just dont fully empty them and they keep filling up. if you have one that you fully emptied, throw in a fish from another trap to kickstart it.

I don’t have any problem with fish traps. I set up 4 just outside of my house and have been harvesting fish from them for two weeks in a row without issue. And I always use the “take all” option so I’m not leaving anything behind.

Confirmed. Same issue with fish traps and wells. Super annoying. Also have an issue with fish traps inside a building even if I leave some.

Here this is happening just for traps in the foundations or not covered with water in an appropriate manner.


I have this issue myself. I took out the unappetizing fish from my traps around 24 hours ago and nothing has been catch with the exotic fish being the same as before. In case wondering still plenty space in the fishing traps.

Another unfortunate bug that came shortly after the " 500 " fix patch, I’m being forced to keep destroying my fish traps and placing new ones only to have to destroy them again due to this, it’s extremely tedious.

It’s fixed internally and we’ll patch the fix asap :slight_smile:

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