Any way to reduce cost of Hardened leather?

With the economy patch Hardened leather was put on a separate station, but this station can’t be upgraded to “Improved” or “Grandmaster” or whatever to reduce the cost.
I’m looking at the numbers and it seems crazy - You need about 20 hardened leather per piece of armor so that is 5 oil per hardened leather so you need 500 oil approximately to make one armor suit?

Am I missing something?
If I spend 5-10 hours farming for a T4 tanner would there be a significant difference? lol

Getting about 7 oil per 50 grubs in a net - you need about 3,600 grubs on average to make a suit of armor?
Let’s rename this game Conan Grub Farming Untamed.

Am I missing something?


First of all Merry Christmas my friend. I wish health and prosperity to you and all your beloved ones.
I am a ps4 player so theese changes haven’t arrived to ps4 yet. Still I have some questions that maybe help us both.
Ways to gain oil.

  1. Fishes. If fishes are still giving you oil by putting them in the fluid pressure then I don’t think you have a limit for fish traps and fluid pressures. Either fish traps or fluid pressures are not expensive to fix, so about 100 traps and 25 fluid pressures will grand you a good amount of oil per day.
  2. Seeds. Almost all the seeds you collect can give you oil in a fluid pressure. If you take a sickle and go for fiber farming you will get a bunch of seeds, insects and bees. Put the insects in the fish traps, the seeds in the fluid press and the bees in the beehives. The bees in the beehives will give you honey ofcurce, but it is a very good food to put in your thrall pots :wink:.
    Theese 2 ways I was using to have fast oil in the past years when I was playing pvp and they were very efficient. Please inform me if fish still gives oil and how much.
    In ps4 right now is
    Blue fish, 1fish for 1oil
    Red fish, 5 fish for 1oil
    Grey fish, 10fish for 1oil.
    Seeds, 10 seeds for 1 oil.
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No, there is no way to reduce cost. That said, there’s some hope…

1 compost pile with 1 improved compost per 1 fish trap. I have a house with 50. Per 50 minutes I can haul enough fish for roughly 600 oil. A heavy armor set needs 525.

Another option, which is more viable in the Exiled Lands, is use a t4 alchemist on the cauldron. 1 bark and 1 ichor is 5 oil.

Hope that helps. If you need more details or have more questions on this let me know. Happy to help.


Why not just farm bark and ichor to get oil for your armor?

Bark and ichor are hella easy to farm in large quantities. 1 bark and 1 ichor gets you 5 oil. You would have a suit of armor in no time.


That’s the best way to do it in Exiled Lands, where it’s easy to get a T4 alchemist. If you’re on Siptah, you’re SOL.


Merry Christmas my dear friend, best wishes for you and your beloved ones. Can you please enlightment me about the amounts of oil you get now from fishes or seeds ?

On Siptah you are going to use the compost heap/worms/fishtraps for oil.

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SOL on Siptah? Not really. People act like it is impossible to get T4 thralls on Siptah… It’s not…

It’s also not impossible to get enough oil just by remembering to cycle your fish traps/fluid presses every thirty minutes of game play or so.

It’s not as easy as it was pre-change but it’s not the life ending chore that many people are making it out to be. I’d probably be a lot more irritated about it if I were in PvP losing my armor every other day.

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Thanks. I did not know about bark and ichor.

I get 1 oil per grey fish and the other two fish I don’t even bother with because one is 25 to one oil lol.

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I’ll probably take time out to farm a T4 alchemist to do that. I need one for orbs anyway.
With the economy update thrall hunting seemed like the lowest priority for most crafting stations.

You are totally wrong. Medium-quality fish is 5 per 1 oil, it’s a good amount to throw it out. I even take the worst fish, it’s 10 for one oil.


after the patch that changed the traps it works the other way around … unappetizing fish is 10:1 ratio and exotic fish is 1:1
other than that and the fact that u now need to activelly feed the traps in order to get fish (they do not generate passivelly anymore-and each bug has its own chances to get u each type of fish) rest r as u knew it


Just to be clear, on PC it’s 1 exotic fish for 1 oil, 5 savory for 1 oil, and 10 unappetizing for 1 oil. Use all of them if you are on Siptah using the method I mentioned and you’ll get roughly 600 oil per 50 minute cycle of fishing. I can give more detail if needed.

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u can have orbs with t3 alchemist as well in siptah. (not sure in CE as i have my witch doctors there for a long time)

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So actually they fix one mistake. Before this change unappetizing fish was the one that gives you the delima, ichor or oil? Now it is obvious, unappetizing is certainly ichor and exotic as it was but now max production :wink:. What about the seeds, did anyone tried?

if iam not wrong the exotic gives ichor also… it is not worth the effort though… in th ejungle or inside the dregs u can get moe than 500 per walk (and u can include abysmall flesh that gives 1 ichor per cooking portion)

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The truth is that there are multiple ways to get what you need, all you need is to adapt to the new facts and find your own ways :wink:. There are greater issues that you can have in the server you play. For example in the server I play the Den werewolf boss is bugged 8 months now. It doesn’t give any loot at all, no claws, no cleaver, no nothing :joy:. It is a very good reason for me to leave this server because, we, the sick players, play for vanity, we must have everything in our personal collection, isn’t it? Now my friend sestus 2009 said to me that he plays in another server, today I think after 8 months I am gonna do my crazy knowledge run that I miss so much and start from 0 again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. If I like the server then I have to give all my fortune to Zeb or to someone else that will respond to my call.
Anyway, Merry Christmas my dear friend, I wish to you and your beloved ones health and prosperity :tada:.

It’s not impossible. It’s also not impossible to get a black blood pick. People act like “possible” is the same as “a good way to spend your time” or “fun” :wink: