After change, purpose of fish besides food?

since unappetizing fish and shrimp no longer make ichor when cooked, what purpose are they?

Fish make oil for fuel

i’ve always used coal for fuel. always had plenty, as it’s not used for anything else

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Oil is a superior fuel to coal. Burns longer. And coal is another source for tar. Although a rather poor one.

I recall using oil quite alot in other recipes, xbox has been down for so long I cant remember the exact ones but I believe it revolved around weapon upgrades.

Last time I checked, oil and dried wood were equivalent.

Making dried wood generates pitch and it’s now much easier to get bark.

So, I’d say it’s better to save that oil for recipes and switch to dried wood.

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Purpose of fish besides food? Oil and ichor.

Uses for oil:

  • fuel
  • hardened leather
  • several weapon kits (damage, master kits, paring blade)
  • black dye
  • weapon oils (agony, bounty, etc.)

Uses for ichor:

  • alchemical base
  • water orb
  • corrupted stone
  • some dyes and warpaints
  • some food recipes (e.g. feast to Yog)
  • candles

Hope that helps.


As of today, fish no longer produce ichor, which was my main need for fish.

the amount of oil needed has always been low, as i use coal for a fuel source (oil was mostly armors)

and this is why i ask the question.

i’m guessing they’re trying to reduce the number of fish traps

I haven’t had the chance to try the new update yet. The patch notes state that it’s the exotic fish, instead of unappetizing, that produces ichor:

Does that not work?

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No. I tried cooking all fish types (and shellfish) on live. No ichor.


I bugged it on testlive and again this morning. It was literally the first thing I checked.

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Oh, come on! What use is TestLive if they don’t fix fundamental bugs like that when they are reported by players who bothered to test them? :rage:


Yeahhhhh. I was disappointed that it wasn’t fixed. But I can’t say I was surprised.

Given the other issues that seem to be occurring today, not being able to cook ichor isn’t really a big deal.

Also, it’s way easier to just go out and pick spiders. I get 30 ichor per corpse with a steel pick.

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Not only do no fish craft ichor when cooking, but also fish decay so fast in fish traps that unless you babysit them you won’t get much fish of them if any, I baited 5 fish traps with 20 bait each and went harvesting some stuff and when I came back roughly an hour later all the fish had decayed from the fish traps :roll_eyes:


Sadly, I have to agree. There’s no point of us testing a patch to have feedback ignored. And we’re not even talking about a controversial “I like this” or “I don’t like that” – but bugs – gameplay that Funcom wants to happen, but isn’t working right. :disappointed:


Yep. I was trying to explain this to people on my PvE server after I tested the changes on testlive. They were like, “I’ll just feed them with grubs. No big deal.”

I’m only going to use fish for oil and I’m only going to catch the fish when I know I’m gonna be around my base and able to pull fish repeatedly from the traps before they decay.

@CodeMage After I tested the patch on testlive I bulked up my fish farm and produced 6500 ichor and 2000 oil and have 7 starmetal freezers full of exotic fish. How did you do?

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have you tried with Angler, Catfish etc? These sound more like “exotic rarity” to me, the exotic fish is not really a rarity and honestly I don’t see why they would spend their time to change unappetizing fish yielding ichor with exotic fish. But then again, I’ve seen other crazy “ideas” implemented lately >.>

I did try those fish. No luck. sadface

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so yeah when I saw the release get pushed today I said to the other players in the our clan this is baaad. They have not had time to fix any bugs identified in testing so don’t plan on playing for 2 weeks - just log in and reset timers.

Yeh. I’m not playing again until at least the freezing issues are addressed. Game is, in my opinion, unplayable right now.

Imagine the carnage that will come with the next patch. That one will be a large update to COMBAT. It’ll suck to be on a PvP server, I’d imagine.