Thralls don´t reduce producing costs at the new tables (Tinker-/Tannertable)

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [Europe]

[Materialcosts are not longer reduced in the new Tinkertable / Tannertable if a thrall is put into them]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Build new Tinker-/ Tannertable
2.look material costs
3.put a thrall into it
4.look material costs
= no changes … all is expensive like hell :frowning:

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Per the recent patch. Thralls no longer reduce costs nor time to craft.

ok understand…
but where is the sence to put in the highest material cost into the only place where you can make the needed crafted material?
i play the game to get a progress during the game.
But now again to get 100 hardened leather i need 500 leather / 500 Oil / 200 thick leather and 200 alchimistical base. Siptah gets more and more grindy. Yes i will play and harvest and get my stuff, i don´t want that i get all by presents by the game.
But there should be more to do for players instead of spending hours on hours at fishtraps and presses to get oil to make 1000 hardened leather (which is imho one of the most important materials in game (cause of heavy armor)).
Please rethink if you decrease the needed amount to craft per default if the player is not able to make this by himself anymore.

To use less materials, you need the Tier 3 Armorer’s Bench that provides that bonus. I cannot recall which one it is off the top of my head. But there are two Tier 3 benches. One provides a faster craft time. The other provides more efficient crafting.

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The problem is that there is no tiers for the tanners bench, and that’s the only place to make hardened leather, layered fur, twine, etc.
Twine used to be reduced to a 1 to 1 cost with a t3 or t4 thrall, now it’s 3 to 1. All other items crafted in that specific bench cost more than they used to as well. Same goes for the tinkers bench.
Seems like I can craft twine in my inventory faster than I can craft it at the tanners bench with a t3 thrall in it, and at the same cost of 3:1. It’s not right.

There should be a T2 and T3 version of the Tanner’s Bench to provide material cost reduction since all material reduction has been added to the benches.

I would also like to see a T2 and T3 version of the Tinkerer’s Bench as well.


It’s also worth noting that not all crafter bonuses have been moved from the thrall to the bench - only those benches which got (new) T3 benches. E.g., Taskmasters still provide taming speed bonuses based on tier of thrall, not tier of Wheel. OTOH, the other, older unitary benches besides Tanner and Tinker (Artisan, Torturer) don’t have any bonuses associated with the thralls, so Tinker and Tanner not having one makes sense. If anything, the odd part is that e.g. Taskmasters and Cooks provide speed bonuses rather than higher-tier wheels and cooking fires providing the bonuses.

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The Tinker’s Bench is made from recipes that used to be part of the Blacksmith and Armorer Benches and the Tanner’s Bench is made from recipes that used to part of the Armorer’s Bench so they should have tiers or some way to reduce material costs. Thralls used to reduce those material costs under the old system.

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Not true, putting a t2-t4 carpenter in an artisan bench reduced the cost and increased crafting speed before patch 2.1, and putting a t3 or t4 taskmaster in a torturers bench allowed the crafting of chain bindings as well as increased speed. Can still make chain bindings with a taskmaster, but I haven’t tested the speed.
Thanks for pointing out the artisan bench, though. I had forgotten that the cost reduction for that one has also been removed with patch 2.1.

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I have had the same results with the Tanner Bench on both Exiles and Siptah.

There is currently no way to reduce the Cost of Hardened Leather. and getting oil has been increased in difficulty, due to the Fishing Changes and the Decay Timer applied to Fish in traps.

Generally, I like the fishing bait changes, but I hope the decay timer on fish is a bug?

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Agreed. I like that you have to bait the traps, but the decay timer on the fish still in the traps has to be removed.

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